Welcome to a No Tox Lifestyle

We provide home and body products that are free of toxins. Clean, pure, natural, simple, and easy to fit into your lifestyle. Whether you are just getting started with a toxin-free home, or you’ve been doing this since your grandma was a baby, we hope you’ll find something here you can use to improve your life.

Our idea is that if we don’t have toxins in our lives, we can enjoy a longer, healthier lifestyle. No Tox is all about living a better, healthier, more fulfilling life — without toxins. Why keep adding toxins with the soaps we use everyday for washing our hands, hair, skin? Why use extra-corrosive home cleaners that are unhealthy for our bodies, our children, our pets? Why clean our offices and cars with toxic chemicals?

We think, “Why not use natural non-toxic soap instead?” Yeah! Why not! So that’s what we do, and we invite you to do the same. We welcome your connection with this mission.

About the products we sell: They’re made in small batches, so they’re fresh. We use them in our own homes so we know they work. We are happy to teach you how to make them yourself, using our special recipes. Check out our class options!

Recent Articles

Mountain Rainbow Soap

No Tox Soap Ingredients

Wondering what’s in our natural, handcrafted soaps? Here you go… Pure food-grade oils, such as: Coconut Oil Olive Oil Canola Oil Castor Oil Safflower Oil Sweet Almond Oil Jojoba Oil Shea Butter Filtered water Lye (It takes three main ingredients — oil, water and lye — to make soap.) Optional Ingredients: if there are colors […]

TJs Oatmeal Exfoliant Soap

Why I Don’t Buy Trader Joe’s Soaps

Note: We love Trader Joe’s and shop there all the time. The store is awesome and the people are great. (No, they’re not paying us to say this!) But we don’t buy the soaps they sell right now. Read below to find out why. No Tox is dedicated to reducing toxins in our lives. We […]

natural toothpaste

RECIPE: Natural Toothpaste (dentist approved)

Yes, these toothpaste recipes really ARE approved by my dentist. First, we’ll give two easy recipes you can make with supplies you probably have at home now. Baking Soda Toothpaste This is easy — simple — about as easy as it gets. Take some baking soda (NOT baking powder) and place it into a reclosable […]