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No Tox Life Launches Two Sister Brands

The most difficult thing for us as makers has been to reduce product variations. We have SO MANY ideas and formulas we enjoy making, that for a couple of years now the sheer number of different products we create has been quite an issue.

No Tox Life was created as a solution to the toxic chemicals found in daily "drugstore" and supermarket hygiene products. We want to be a safe alternative for people wishing to reduce toxins in their lives. 

Of course, as artists and makers, we experimented with recipes and we listened to customers and made more and more types of products, stretching our line at one point into more than 250 unique items. Crazy, right?

making things

Two years ago we realized this huge variety was not sustainable. It was driving us slightly crazy trying to keep up!

We are a small make-it-by-hand company. My mom, Sandee, and I dream up, design, formulate, create, photograph and sell everything, with a core team of two full-time employees. We operate an online store (including fulfillment and shipping), run a brick-and-mortar retail store in Los Angeles, and we do weekly farmers markets, a few craft fairs and some special events. (We have part-time sales help on Sundays, thank goodness!). It's a lot of work, and we are either making things or selling things seven days a week!

The No tox life store

With wholesale partners ordering large amounts, it became difficult to keep so many different items in stock. We discontinued some customer favorites so we could focus on the bestsellers. But we do listen to our customers, and many long-time loyal fans love certain scents we had stopped making.

We surveyed customers and analyzed what they were telling us, and realized we were actually three separate brands.

To bring our main brand back to basics, while keeping customer favorites and exploring new ideas (our favorite thing to do!), we have split into sister brands. All products are still made by us, right here in Los Angeles. Formulas haven't changed, or if slight changes are made, they are improvements. Everything we make continues to be vegan and cruelty-free, which aligns with our personal beliefs.

Introducing the brands!

Our core brand is No Tox Life, where our goal is to provide uncomplicated, non-toxic, vegan products that are the alternative to drugstore or mass-market products. No Tox Life makes skin-loving basics, with pure, light scents, so they are suitable for people with scent allergies or extremely sensitive skin. 

shampoo bar

No Tox Botanicals/ NELA Naturals (NELA stands for North East Los Angeles, where we make everything) is now our exuberant, creative side. We have so many ideas, we love to test and experiment, and we are all about pretty colors, with fun and exciting scents. We are planning coordinating collections with candles, soaps, deodorants, room sprays, and perfumes /colognes. 

no tox botanicals

Pure + Native is our luxe, fresh and premium brand. We believe the luxury skincare market has room for high-end, purposeful and botanical products. We don't believe in creating anything without stringently clean, active and powerful ingredients. No fillers, just nature.

Pure and Native

We quietly started rolling out these changes recently, and are continuing to develop and release our new packaging. Now it's time to make the big announcement! If you've noticed these brands in our store, online, or at our markets, now you know why!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook - or send us a message via our website here.