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Price Increase On Eucalyptus Steams - 2019

Our Raw Materials Prices Went Up:

Our Pure + Native Eucalyptus Steams are made with a blend of essential oils, clays and salts. Due to some very drastic global shortages of certain raw materials and essential oils, our materials costs have tripled in the last 2 years on this product.

Cube size change:

We have been able to change the cube sizes and fit more cubes in each large glass jar. We used to fit about 8-9 cubes in a jar, which was 6 oz by weight for the entire jar. 

Currently, we fit 11-12 cubes in each jar, with a total weight of 10 oz. This is more than a 60% increase in materials in each jar - giving more steamy shower time to you!

We Tried to Maintain the Current Price:

We tried to maintain the current pricing on the Eucalyptus Steams for as long as possible, hoping prices for our materials would decrease, but alas they have not. 

Pricing Change:

The retail price on the large eucalyptus steams is increasing from $28 to $36. Through December 31st, 2018 we have it on sale. The sale pricing ends in January 2019.

We offer a $60 bundle price for TWO large jars, including free shipping.

New Sizes:

In order to continue to make this product affordable for more people, we are planning a release in 2019 of new, smaller sizes (which will be perfect for trial size or gift-giving).

Thank you for your understanding of these changes!

Sandee & Callie, makers and founders of No Tox Life and Pure + Native