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The War on Straws Will Continue

Elon Musk tweeted yesterday about plastic straws and how we should "stop the war on straws". 

The war on straws is not even primarily about straws. It's about plastic waste. Even the people who started the campaign about straws admitted they chose sea turtles and straws to campaign on because many people like sea turtles, and it's easier to talk about than microplastics.

Microplastics are defined as any pieces of plastic smaller than 5mm - researchers estimate there are nearly 25 trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean now. Sea animals are eating them, they have been found in the brain tissue of fish. Microplastics have even been found in human lung tissue recently. It is a massive world experiment to unleash this amount of plastics on our bodies and in our environment. 

To help you all reduce your own plastic straw use, we are gifting 4 free metal or bamboo straws and a cleaning brush with every e-commerce order, starting now until we run out. Larger orders will also get a handmade cloth pouch. We will be gifting sets of a variety of straws made of bamboo, metal, and in different sizes including regular straw size and boba size.

Here's to less waste coffee, tea and other drinks! 

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We are also gifting 2 free low waste vegan cookies with your order (allergen warning, contains peanut). See this blog for more information. 

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