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No Tox Life wins soap contest for Earth Day

I love products from Bramble Berry. And I upcycle a lot of containers to make a variety of soap molds, which keeps things interesting and also helps the environment. Win-win, right? Well, when Bramble Berry said they were having a contest for Earth Day, and to show them pictures of how we are participating, I couldn't resist. So I sent them several pictures of my setup, my safety equipment, my products, and the results. Many of those same photos are featured on this site for the products they are part of creating. And much to my surprise, I won! I am so happy / gratified / surprised / humbled by this. I saw so many wonderful photos of amazing soap designs. Really creative people are out there making soap and I love to check in and see what's new each day (actually, several times a day, to be honest!). Here's a link to the contest page. Please check it out and like their Facebook page. They're a great company and I support them with a lot of business. :) http://www.soapqueen.com/bramble-berry-news/results-winners-bbearthday-showmomlove/ Here's a PDF copy of the site: 2014-04-22 Soap Queen - Winners of #BBEarthDay