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RECIPE: Natural Shampoo

Take a look at the ingredients list for our Lemony Mint Shampoo Bars, and you will see a main ingredient is baking soda. There's a whole "no poo" movement going on about using strictly baking soda and nothing else to wash your hair. And you know what, it really does clean your hair. Cleans your scalp, cleans the grime and air pollution from your hair, and leaves it very, very squeaky clean. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, to be more exact) is also called bicarbonate of soda. You might have grown up calling it bread soda or cooking soda. It comes from the mineral natron. In Ancient Egypt, natron was used during mummification. Natron was also used, mixed with oils, as a form of soap by ancient peoples. Baking soda was used during the Manhattan Project to wash uranium dust out of clothing. * People use baking soda to take away the sting from insect bites, and to soothe irritated skin. + At No Tox Life, we sometimes make a shampoo bar that is loaded with baking soda. Why? Because we like to have lather when we wash our hair. Simple reason, really. We also make a shampoo bar that uses only coconut oil -- we have found that to give copious lather that cleans all the excess oils from the hair and scalp. You can use baking soda all by itself to get your hair clean. Natural, inexpensive, and simple. Wow, what a combination. Enjoy! References: * Reference for using baking soda to wash away uranium dust. + Using baking soda to soothe insect bites.