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RECIPE: Natural Toothpaste (dentist approved)

Yes, these toothpaste recipes really ARE approved by my dentist. First, we'll give two easy recipes you can make with supplies you probably have at home now. Baking Soda Toothpaste This is easy -- simple -- about as easy as it gets. Take some baking soda (NOT baking powder) and place it into a reclosable container. I like to use small Glad storage containers because they hold a few ounces which is about right. Use a container you can put a lid on, so your toothpaste doesn't get contaminated by water or other items in your bathroom. To use the toothpaste, wet your toothbrush then gently dip the tips into the baking soda. The wetness already on your brush will help grab enough baking soda to use in your brushing. Brush your teeth normally, BUT DON'T BRUSH "HARD" because you don't need to. The baking soda is naturally gently abrasive. If you brush too hard you're just running the risk of scraping off tooth enamel and you don't want that. Just brush. Even if you have stained teeth, over time this will naturally help take away the stains. (Slow and steady wins the race, don't try to get all the tobacco or tea or coffee off in one night!) Baking Soda and Salt Toothpaste This is similar to the first recipe, but this time mix one portion of fine salt in with the baking soda. So, that would be 3 parts baking soda, 1 part salt. Use fine-grained salt. (Not coarse salt because those crystals are too large to play nice with your gums.) Stir it up, and put it into a lidded container as before. Before you use the mixture, shake it up a tiny bit to make sure it hasn't settled. Wet your brush, dip the brushtips into the mixture, and brush normally. Again, don't scrub the holy heck out of your teeth and gums, just brush naturally and you'll do fine. Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Toothpaste Natural Toothpaste with Organic Coconut Oil and Baking Soda This is my favorite recipe and the one I developed. I like this one better because -- did you notice? -- baking soda can be REALLY eye-opening when it's in your mouth. I like how it cleans but it's a pucker-fest when it's in there. Also, I was a little concerned about scrubbing too hard and removing tooth enamel, even if it took a long time to happen. So I wanted something that didn't make my eyes water when I used it, that was gentle enough to use several times a day, that my dentist wouldn't roll his eyes at, and that WORKED. And that's what I got! I did check last time I was at the dentist, and this was A-OK. Also, my regular teeth cleaning took almost no time because this recipe helps remove tartar and helps minimize plaque buildup (especially when combined with the daily flossing I like). To make this, use 1 part Coconut Oil and 1 part Baking Soda. I like to add a small amount of either Spearmint or Peppermint essential oil to this. (Peppermint has become my favorite!) Mix them together and then stir, stir, STIR. The coconut oil will at first give you a lot of resistance. As you keep stirring, especially as you get to about five minutes of stirring, the coconut oil will start to semi-liquefy and the mixing will get a lot easier. You don't have to stir so much, and if you don't then it may have chunks of baking soda in there, but who cares if you're only using it for yourself? Store it in that lidded container. Using this is a bit different that the other two recipes. First, do NOT wet your toothbrush. Just brush your toothbrush bristles along the top of the toothpaste, and some of it will rub off onto the toothbrush. Do that a couple times if you want, to get the right amount on the bristles. Then, brush your teeth normally. You'll notice the coconut oil will immediately get soft and liquid in your mouth. That's because it melts in temps above 76 degrees. This can get messy until you get used to it! When I first used this recipe, I had toothpaste dribbling out my mouth until I got the hang of it. When you're done brushing, rinse your mouth and you're finished! Have you heard of "oil pulling?" That's partly the idea behind this recipe for toothpaste. The coconut oil helps "pull" toxins out of the mouth. Using this toothpaste is not the same as "oil pulling," but there's some similarity and definitely this toothpaste works! Enjoy. No matter which of these recipes you use, I think you'll find your mouth feeling SO clean and fresh that you'll be happier and smiling more. Yes! That's what we want. If you purchased any of our Smiling Toothpastes, you can wash and re-use the GoToob and refill it yourself. Or, if you want to buy more toothpaste to refill your GoToob, just contact us and we'll help you buy it from us.