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ALOE + COCONUT MILK | Body Cleansing Bar

ALOE + COCONUT MILK | Body Cleansing Bar

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Made with creamy coconut milk and skin-loving aloe. You'll enjoy the soothing and moisturizing results from this gentle soap. 

We put a lot of thought into creating this bar: how to make it cleansing, gentle, soothing, and of course fully natural. And without any fragrance, so it's okay to use on even sensitive skin.

Safe to use even for babies. If used on babies or small children, of course, keep out of eyes, it is not "tear free".

Zero-waste friendly: Eliminating plastic bottles in the home and shower is one of the simplest ways to begin going zero waste. Additionally, this bar's ingredients are greywater system-safe and will readily biodegrade, perfect for septic systems, outdoor showers, and camping.

Package-Free: Wrapped in recycled paper for shipping purposes.

Ingredients: sodium olivate (from olive oil), sodium shea butterate (from shea butter), sodium cocoate (from coconut oil), sodium castorate (from castor seed oil), aloe vera juice, coconut milk, mineral oxide (color)

We don't use ecologically-damaging palm oil in our soaps. Instead, we use a high amount of olive oil, shea butter, and other moisturizing oils.

3.5 oz bar |  fragrance-free for sensitive skin | always vegan + palm oil-free | moisturizing formula, suitable for dry skin