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Clay Mask - MILK (Coco-Rose)
Clay Mask - MILK (Coco-Rose)

Clay Mask - MILK (Coco-Rose)

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Please note, this product is being retired. Available until sold out.

A hydrating clay mask made with skin-softening coconut milk and rose clay, great for dry and sensitive skin types. Rose clay draws out impurities and restores skins moisture. Each mask is a combination of dry ingredients, ready to mix with your choice of liquid. 

How to Use:

Mix one spoonful of the mask with half a spoonful of your liquid of choice. Apply to face and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Always use a wooden or glass spoon for mixing because metal and plastic can contaminate the mask.

Mix it up! Try mixing your mask with distilled water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, vegan milk or beer! 

The mask only requires a small, thin layer to work and draw out impurities. Unlike pre-wetted and thickened masks, ours does not include preservatives, so you'll want to just mix what you need in one session.

Ingredients: rose clay, coconut milk powder, kaolin clay

0.43 oz net wt. | 3-5 masks | glass jar | vegan | limited batch

Handmade in Los Angeles by Pure + Native

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Great, makes face soft and smooth. The only complaint is that it is pretty hard to mix without making a mess and also without making excess amounts! Also the mixture with water is extremely thin and it takes a while to thoroughly apply it evenly to my face, and again it is hard to measure correctly and mess free. But, still a great product overall.

Mixed feelings

Since clay is loose and needs to be mixed with water, it makes it difficult to apply. Once mixed it’s very thin and not easy to spread on face. It would be easier if someone applied it for you while laying down. Though I will continue to use b/c it does leave your face feeling clean.

Hi Kristi, Thanks for the feedback! This mask only requires a thin layer to work, so we recommend mixing it with just the right amount of liquid to get the texture you want. If it's too thin for your liking, you can add a bit extra powder to compensate. I usually add tiny increments of liquid until I get at the desired texture, regardless it's just as effective if applied thickly or thinly. - Callie, co-owner and maker

Clay Mask - MILK (Coco-Rose)

Amazing feeling!

I have used the mask 2 times, first time I mixed it with apple cider vinegar and my face itch a bit and was red but after a little while felt soft and smooth, second time I mixed it with almond milk, it was a better experience no tingling sensation and same results!