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Facial Massage Roller
Facial Massage Roller
Facial Massage Roller

Facial Massage Roller

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We use the roller to apply our Facial Serum and improve skin circulation with a morning (or evening) mini massage.

How to use it: After cleansing face, apply your facial serum or moisturizer.

Massage the face in outward motions starting from the middle of the forehead towards the base of the ears. Massage from the nose to the ears, and around the mouth and jawline towards the ears. Then massage from the base of the ears down to the collarbone.

Why it works: This path of motions will help stimulate lymph drainage of the face, and assist with puffiness and tiredness. The massage also helps relax the nerves of the face and neck. 

Puffy eye tip: Refrigerate your roller and give yourself a cold stone facial massage using the small roller, for cooling and de-congesting.

Why Jasper stone: Many of the "jade rollers" on the market are fake jade stone or dyed stone. We want you to use a quality, genuine and non-toxic product. Jasper is a type of stone infused with iron deposits, giving a brilliant red color naturally.

Spiritual meaning: Jasper symbolizes Blood of the Earth, strength and courage, feminine energy.

red jasper stone | rust-free stainless steel wires | 6 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/4" | due to natural mineral variations, each roller is unique and may vary in appearance from photos

By Pure + Native, a collection of No Tox Life