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Volcanic Mineral Detoxifying Bath Soak | Pure + Native | mini jar

Volcanic Mineral Detoxifying Bath Soak | Pure + Native | mini jar

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Minerals are vital for the health of your skin, muscles, digestion, even your heart and brain function. In our factory-farmed food supply, essential minerals are often not present in sufficient amounts, which can lead to mineral deficiencies. 

Our detoxifying mineral salts are made with high amounts of magnesium, an essential mineral (and often a depleted one). Lack of magnesium can cause stress, skin issues, difficulty sleeping, digestive complaints, and overall low energy.

We blend our salts with Hawaiian volcanic salt, a solar-evaporated sea salt with trace volcanic minerals. This traditional salt has been used in Hawaii to cleanse, heal, purify and bless homes, canoes and temples for centuries. It is considered a sacred salt with powerful spiritual properties. 

Scoop the desired amount of our mineral salt blend into a hot bath (two spoonfuls is recommended), and soak to experience the deeply restorative benefits. 

Scented with pure essential oils - cedarwood for grounding and warmth, Egyptian geranium for a fresh note, Valencia orange for mood uplifting citrus.

How to Use:
Pour two spoonfuls into the bath, under warm running water. 

2 oz net weight | recyclable and re-useable glass packaging | pure essential oils | 100% natural and earth-derived 

Handmade in Los Angeles by Pure + Native. 

Collaboration product with Daughters Brand.

Zero waste tip: Clean and re-use your jar afterwards to store food and spices, or use to hold accessories. 

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