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Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger

Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Turmeric Ginger

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These moisturizing and palm-oil free soaps for body or hands are made of luxurious coconut cleansers to wash, bubble and clean without stripping your skin's natural barrier.

Switching to a solid soap for washing the body will save plastic bottles of body wash in the shower and keep your skin moisturized. 

Bulk case - Essential oils blend: Hand-cut 2.75-3.4oz 78-96g - body wash bars. No additional packaging is provided. Essential Oils collection contains 100% pure essential oils. Scents are limited edition. 

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1 bar at regular price
3 bars (discounted 20%)
24 bars (best discount - save 35%)

Turmeric Ginger - with Lemongrass essential oil 

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, vegetable glycerin (palm-free), sodium olivate, sodium castorate. May contain: turmeric root, ginger root, essential oil blend, natural clays, mineral oxide (for color)

Manufactured by Earth & Daughter


Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Marianne R.
Love the Lavender Soap

This is my first time using these products, and I must say I LOVE the lavender bar soap. It smells nice, not overpowering, and lathers quickly.

Tanya E.
Great soap

As always, I loved all the scents that were sent, especially the lavender. The scent lasts on your body throughout the day.

Sudheer C.
Refreshing & Amazing

Love these soaps. Only thing I wish I could choose the bars .

Debbie F.
Quality soap

This soap is good quality. It lathers up nicely, and leaves your skin feeling nice.

Dawn F.
Love everything !

I love these products. I use the unscented soap bars for my baby. And love the way the pet soaps lather up and wash my dog (also lasts ages). I feel much better knowing they are free of nasty chemicals and fragrances.

happy c.

one bar lasted about a month, love the smells and the product

Deb S.
Safely Fragrant

It’s the only body wash bar that I use, due to efficacy and the fresh scents. I feel clean and non toxic when I use them.


These bars are amazing quality and great price! The set of three lasts me around 4 months in the exfoliating soap bag! I have a sensitivity to fragrance so finding an unscented option that doesn't dry me out is hard to come by but these are the ones! So happy to have found this company!

Bundle of Joy

I love this soap. It makes me feel squeaky clean and it smells soooo good!

Aloe Coconut Milks soap bars

I love that No Tox Life bar soaps make it easy to be kind to Earth. They are wrapped in brown paper, the milk soap are standard green color with no scent. They clean just like their variety soaps, I prefer those best.
These served their purpose and are effective too. I clean my makeup brushes with these soap bars & it melts the foundation off the brushes.

I use a loofah soap lift, to extend the life of the soap and prevent it from washing away.
Next purchase I will be stocking up on the Variety soap bars because of the colors and smells.