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Amethyst Crystal Candle

Amethyst Crystal Candle

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Amethyst cluster


"I am purified, uplifted and protected through my connection with the Divine"


Hand-poured crystal candle made with love in LA

Each hand selected crystal/gemstone has been cleansed and charged.

• Individually hand-poured 

• Infused with essential oils 

  • Lead free, cotton wicks 
  • Long lasting (200 hours) and clean burning

Candles Core down and Illuminate the Crystals and Stones as they burn:

They can do this because:

The wax has a higher melting point (140 degrees) than ordinary candles

Allowing the candle to core instead of dripping

This allows for the stones to stay set in the burning candle 

All Candles are made with:

Food Grade Paraffin (edible)

Non Toxic Colors

Essential Oil Fragrances

All Crystals are:

Cleared by Sunlight and Moonlight Himalayan Salt and Shungite Water

Charged with 528 Healing Frequency 

Candle size:

7 inches tall pillar candle, 2-2.6 lbs

Crystal size may vary, each candle is unique and handmade


All Candles should only be burned for 2-3 hours at a time and burned with patience while they core down. If you burn your candle for longer than 3 hours the larger crystals and gemstones will heat up and fall out of the candle. 

Always safely burn on a fire-proof plate or stone, and keep away from flammable objects, children and pets. Remain in the room while your candle is burning, never leave unattended.