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White Sage and Wildflower Ritual Smoke Cleansing Bundle
White Sage and Wildflower Ritual Smoke Cleansing Bundle
White Sage and Wildflower Ritual Smoke Cleansing Bundle

White Sage and Wildflower Ritual Smoke Cleansing Bundle

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This ritual smoke cleansing bundle is made from organically-grown and harvested white sage, yerba santa, wildflowers and hemp twine.

About burning sage:

Sage is most commonly used to cleanse the space. Light one end of the smudge stick, until the sage smolders and smokes. If a large flame appears, blow it out until the bundle just smokes. Use a bowl or shell to catch falling ash and embers. Walk around your space with the smoldering bundle to allow the smoke to permeate all corners.

Interesting scientific facts about sage smoke cleansing:

Sage actually does have anti-bacterial properties when burned, and helps clear the air of 94% of harmful bacteria.

Ever felt "tension" in the air? Or perhaps just a "bad energy" such as a day when you've been at work staring at the computer and come home to the TV on, and the air just doesn't feel good? This feeling can be caused by too many positive ions in the air.

Outdoors, nature gives us many negative ions. Negative ions are healthy for the human body and give us a feeling of freshness and energy.

Positive ions (if there are too many) give us a feeling of lethargy, sadness, depression. The positive ions accumulate due to manmade carpets, TVs, computers, microwaves etc. Burning sage and other herbs can actually cause these positive ions to fall to the floor, and will help you regain a "freshness" and good energy feeling indoors.

Interesting facts about yerba santa:

Nicknamed the "holy weed" by Spanish priests, this is an evergreen herb with a pleasant, sweet taste. One of its many historical uses was for respiratory benefits. 

Herb quality:

No pesticides or chemicals are used to grow the herbs, so while they are not certified organic, they are pesticide-free. 

The herb source:

These herbs are sustainably farmed and harvested in the US. We do not promote the use of wild-harvested sage (as that contributes to endangerment of the native plants).


One 7 inch sage bundle with assorted herbs and wildflowers. Each piece will be completely unique.


Never leave burning unattended, keep away from children and pets. Use a fire-safe dish to catch any falling embers.

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