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Illuminating Facial Serum
Illuminating Facial Serum
Illuminating Facial Serum
Illuminating Facial Serum
Illuminating Facial Serum

Illuminating Facial Serum

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New Size & Pump, double the size of the old dropper bottle. New lower price, same beautiful formula!

This amber pump bottle contains the secret to great looking skin. We have created a decadent experience for your face. One or two drops of our Facial Serum is all you need to cover the entire face and neck.

This is a cream or moisturizer replacement. The "dry" oils we include make sure that it will soak in, for a non-greasy but soft finish. 

Unlike a cream or typical moisturizer, this blend contains NO added water, preservatives, emulsifiers or fillers. Each ingredient is chosen for its active qualities.

Each drop of balancing oil contains powerful Omega fatty acids to nourish stressed and tired skin. Green Tea Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Organic Rosehip oil are fantastic sources of UV-battling antioxidants for your skin. Kukui Nut oil is famous in Hawaii for its hydrating power, Tamanu is used by New Zealand natives for elemental protection, Avocado and Grapeseed oils are potent plant-derived moisturizers.

We use frankincense essential oil with added desert rose geranium scent for a lovely woodsy, earthy and floral combo.

How to Use: 
After cleansing, spread 2-3 drops on the face and allow it to soak in for one minute. Makeup or sunscreen can be applied on top. No additional face moisturizer is needed - our serum replaces a face creme or moisturizer. Serum can be used twice daily.

Before applying serum, mist face with a face mist for extra hydration and spreadability.


A hint of frankincense with balancing rose. Slight herbal and earthy undertones from the natural base oil scents.

1 oz net weight | recyclable and re-useable glass packaging | pure essential oils | 100% natural and earth-derived 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jennifer S.

I love the serum. It leaves my face so hydrated and smooth.

Nice but not eager to re-buy

I was very excited after the reviews, but I find it just makes my face look/feel a bit greasy. Like I said, I don’t dislike it, I still try it every once in a while but won’t re-buy.

*update* per our email I hope its working better for you now with 1-2 drops vs 1-2 pumps of the product!

Hi Lauren, I would recommend if you are finding it's leaving a sheen, to try reducing the amount used. Typically I will do just 1-2 drops (about half a pump) not full pump of the pump mechanism, usually the pump mechanism will do a bit more than that, like 4 or more drops. I also like to apply it with a face mist to help it soak in better and spread easier.

Jennifer F.

Illuminating Facial Serum

Tikisha N.

Amazing skincare that provides moisture all day! My skin is sensitive and easily gets dry areas. This product helps keep my face moisturized throughout the day.

Winter skin hero

I love this serum. I didn’t know how much my skin needed this. Saved my dry winter skin. A little goes a long way. Looking forward to continuing using this.

Love it!

It’s the best facial serum I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t leave my face oily and it doesn’t irritate my skin. It took me a while to find a moisturizer that works so well for me, so I’m glad I tried it. I like the smell too! Will definitely buy again.

Haydee S.

Illuminating Facial Serum

Best Facial Serum Ever!

I have been using this facial serum over 2 years now and I just love it. I used to have all these tiny bumps all over my neck and sides of my face in the summer and just overall my skin was looking pretty congested. I started using this in partnership with an oil cleanser and my skin is SO CLEAR, SO SOFT, and SO SMOOTH. It literally glows as if I'm wearing a highlighter when I have NO makeup on. I never used to get away with not wearing makeup and now I hardly have to wear any. Huge fan, and I hope that this will never be discontinued because its literally a staple in my skincare regime now.

Loving this Skin!

I've been using the charcoal face cleanser and luna exfoliator for a few weeks. I decided to try the serum on a whim. I've never used one before. I haven't had any luck in my entire life with finding a moisturizer that moistens my dry tending skin without making it greasy by the end of the day. This serum makes my face feel pretty amazing and it doesn't get greasy.

Magical Potion for a Glowing Face

I used to spend a lot on high end products from Asia for my face. Then I started using this serum from No Tox Life, and I am always getting compliments on my skin! It is much less expensive than so many cosmetic products, and a little bit goes a long way to keep my skin healthy and glowing. I have a mix of dry and oily skin, and this serum perfectly nourishes my face so I never have breakouts or dryness. An essential for your daily routine.