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Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3
Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3

Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3

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These moisturizing solid wash bars for body or hands are made of luxurious coconut and olive cleansers to bubble and clean without stripping your skin's natural barrier.

Instead of using harsh detergents we use a blend of natural ingredients to keep your skin soft, even if you wash your hands frequently. We have been using these to wash our hands many times a day and we don't need to use lotion afterwards.

What you get: Three hand-cut 2.75-3.2 oz body bars, it will be a mix of one or more of the scents below. We can't guarantee stock or selection

Current Scents: Turmeric Ginger, Moroccan Cowboy, Desert Dusk, Winter Mermaid, Midnight Forest, Egyptian Geranium, Lavender Rain, Cinnamon Cookie, Citrus Mimosa, Kaolin Shave, and other scent combos

Aloe and coconut milk bundle is entirely unscented and has no added essential oils or fragrance. 

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium castorate. May contain: aloe vera extract, coconut milk, turmeric pulp, ginger pulp, natural fragrance and essential oil blend, natural clays, mineral oxide (for color)

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Worth it every time

Great variety, incredible scents, and they last a long time!!

Love these bars

They smell amazing and make my skin feel clean but not dried out. Definitely will be purchasing more!


Great soap but I wish it would. Last longer than a week i always want to keep ordering more

Wish you could choose scents

I like the quality of this soap, but the three-pack came with a random assortment of scents which I figured was a risk but I gave it a shot. It turns out I really don't like one of the scents and I won't be using it, so it's a waste. I will gift it and hopefully someone else can enjoy it. I enjoyed the other two!


Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash Bars - Bundle of 3


My boyfriend and I love these! I kinda wish you could pick the scents you want specifically since we have a few faves, but regardless they all smell amazing! I've never been disappointed with any of the scents. Plus, they make the entire bathroom smell DIVINE. 10/10!


Moisturizing Vegan Body Bars - Bundle of 3

Smell amazing!!

I LOVE these body bars. Not only do they make me smell amazing but also my bathroom after a shower. I honestly don't mind that you don't get to choose which ones you get because they all smell good to me! If you use them with No Tox's soap bag-exfoliating scrubber (like I do), I suggest putting one in the bag, wetting it, scrubbing yourself until both sides of the bag gets soapy enough, then taking the soap out (but only if they're not soap scraps obviously), and continuing scrubbing yourself with just the scrubber. By doing this, I found the soap bar lasted longer than if I were to keep it in the bag the whole scrubbing time. If there's one thing I don't like about them, it's that they cause some sort of buildup in my hair drain catcher so the water pools a little in the tub while I'm showering. I haven't used my other two bars yet so it could just be the one I'm currently using. Nevertheless, I still give them 5 stars because they smell amazing and make my skin feel soft and hydrated!

It was good

I like it. I used it also for my hair. It washed very well. Only one bar had very strong smell of perfume, it was harsh for me. Lol wish I could pick smell selections in the feature.
Also bars are running out fast. It last a bout 3 weeks for 2 person.