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Solid Seaweed Shampoo
Solid Seaweed Shampoo
Solid Seaweed Shampoo
Solid Seaweed Shampoo
Solid Seaweed Shampoo

Solid Seaweed Shampoo

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- limited stock of this size, see the new size and product name here

Ditch the plastic bottle and try switching to a concentrated solid shampoo. Infused with seaweed extract and macadamia oil, this shampoo is gentle and moisturizing for your locks. It rinses clean without needing vinegar, even in hard water. Super long-lasting and SLS-free too!

Our SLS-free formula is made with cleansers designed for sensitive scalps. 

Suitable for many hair types, from straight and fine, to thick, wavy, frizzy, as well as color treated hair. Our salon-quality ingredients help your hair feel soft and manageable. 

How to Use (Short version):

  1. Wet hair thoroughly.
  2. (most hair) Rub the solid shampoo on hair lightly, first at the top of the head and then towards the base of the neck. Place it back on your soap holder. Use fingers to massage the shampoo in and create the lather. A little goes a long way. Excessive rubbing of the solid product on the head will cause your product to be used up much faster than normal.
  3. (brittle hair types) Rub hands on the solid shampoo until you have bit on your hands. Place it down on your soap holder, then use fingers to work shampoo into hair and create lather.
  4. Rinse well with water. (no vinegar required)
  5. Use our solid conditioner on lengths and ends.
  6. Rinse well with water. 
  7. Keep out of eyes! It is gentle but not designed to be used in the eyes, if you get a little in there then rinse gently with clean water.

How to use the solid shampoo - long version - read the post here.


1 oz (28g) - can last 20-40 washes

How long they can last:

These bars are highly concentrated. You are using your shower water to dilute the product instead of buying a bottle of shampoo that is mostly water.

The length of time each bar lasts depends on proper storage, how often you condition, how heavily you use it, hair length, curls and thickness, etc.

Typically for a long haired person with lightly wavy to straight hair who shampoos every 2-3 days, the 1 oz size will last around 1-2 months. These are rough estimates based on customer feedback and will vary per person. 


This product is unpackaged and is wrapped in recyclable paper for shipping.


by No Tox Life

Customer Reviews

Based on 259 reviews
Truly silky--but keep it dry between uses

I have tried several solid shampoos, but this one may be the best. I immediately loved how it made my thin, fine hair feel: soft and silky, and not weighted down, even in our hard well water. But I kept it in our small shower, and it became very gooey, making it messy to use. I'm going to try again, because I like the product so much, but this time I'll keep it outside the shower to dry, and move it back and forth between uses. My short hair doesn't need conditioner--and I love that this formula does not need a vinegar rinse as a follow-up. Thank you once again, No Tox Life!

Sydni S.

Okay so not going to lie I was a little skeptical about using an all natural shampoo and conditioner, but I must say I love love love this product! The very first shower I took and used this product I felt instantly refreshed and the cleanest I've ever felt. I also bought the body was 3 pack variety scent which I also loved. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

Amy B.
Great product

We had been looking to switch to solid shampoo and conditioner and this had been great to use!

Mariah P.

Solid Seaweed Shampoo

Emily D.
My favorite

I have tried many shampoo bars. This is my fav, lots of moisture!

Ramona B.
Not your fault.

I love your products. Unfortunately, I have very hard and they did not work well.
As I said, Not You Fault❤️

Surprisingly silky!

My hair has been getting coarser as it turns grey, so I didn’t expect much from a bar of shampoo. Frankly, I just wanted to check having tried a more eco-friendly option off of my to-do list. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that this shampoo and conditioner has restored the texture of my hair to its original soft luster. My husband likes it too, although he doesn’t bother with the conditioner.
Just bought a few more bars for my bathroom “pantry.”

Olivia G.
Decent enough- I overall like it

So overall I do like this shampoo. At first, I found it wasn't working. I normally wash my hair every other day, by the second day it looked as if I never washed my hair at all, I was so greasy. I contacted NoTox- they suggested I use more than I was using. (They answered very quickly and offered to do research on my old shampoo to compare and potentially find the problem, but I knew I just probably needed to use more) That definitely helped. My hair is very thick (as well as long) and the soap wasn't penetrating the under-layers of my hair. I do find that I still look a little greasy sometimes on the second day depending on how much I used, but it's definitely bearable and not too noticeable.

However, as a consequence of needing more, I go through it more quickly. I ordered in early August, but I contacted NoTox on August 19- I should meet the 1 month minimum for the sample bar (this review was placed on Sep. 3). It is a little expensive for 1 month's use for me. I'm going to try other brands to see how they compare.

As for the positives, I did have a very itchy, irritated scalp for months using my old shampoo. I had woken up scratching the back of my head more than once. After switching, that went away completely. My hair on wash days is very soft as well. Other than my personal cost-to-use ratio, I quite enjoy this shampoo. If I find other brands don't work as well or I don't like them as much, I'll probably be a repeat customer.

Victoria S.A.
Love it

Wasn’t sure how it would clean but it does a great job and leaves my moderately curly, slightly coarse hair clean, bouncy and pretty tangle free. Lathers like a champ, so don’t use too much. Overall I am happy and would purchase again. Don’t know how long it lasts as I don’t wash my hair every day or even every other day some times. Gets like that when you get older and realize all the washing is pretty damaging to hair life and growth.

Nancy J.
Love my No Tox products!

The shampoo, conditioner and dish soap are amazing!