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Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter | Miyabi
Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter | Miyabi

Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter | Miyabi

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Bamboo charcoal will adsorb impurities from your tap water: chlorine, ammonia, toluene, chloramine, and other solids and gases. Lab tests also show that bamboo charcoal will adsorb pesticides and other toxins.

Adding bamboo charcoal to your drinking water will help remove impurities and improve taste. No more plastic bottles or filters. Throw your used charcoal into the compost, garden, and potted plants to reduce trash and add vital nutrients to the soil.

How to Use:
Rinse 3 pieces of charcoal for one liter of water. Boil for 5 minutes. Allow to dry - best in the sun. Fill pitcher, bottle, decanter or canteen with tap water. Allow bamboo charcoal 1 hour to take effect. One hour later, drink tap water! Refill the container as needed up to 4 weeks.
When to Replace: 
Everyone has different quality tap water. It is recommended that you replace your bamboo charcoal every 4 weeks for optimal results. If there is a lot of chloramine in your water, you will taste a difference when the bamboo charcoal has stopped adsorbing the chemical compound. However, many toxins in tap water do not have a notable flavor, so we suggest replacing the pieces every 4 weeks to ensure properly filtered tap water.


100% bamboo charcoal | 3 months supply | 100 grams | compostable | packaged in a reusable glass jar