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Organic Luffa

Organic Luffa

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Our organic luffa (loofah) is California grown on a small farm. This luffa is perfect for the body or even the face, it's extra soft and not dipped in preservatives like conventional luffa from overseas. 

Usual luffa found in stores is dipped in a preservative mixture so it can be transported by boat and kept on a shelf for a very long time. The preservative mixture hardens and makes the conventional luffa very scratchy.

These organic ones retain their natural, soft and fluffy feel. 

Dimensions: 5 inches long. Diameter varies slightly. This listing is for one 5 inch luffa (loofah).

Pro tip: use a bread knife or scissors to carefully cut it in half (lengthwise), and use half for body and half for a dish washing sponge!

Storage: Let dry between uses to retain freshness. To keep it fresh longer, clean it weekly by boiling for a minute or two in clean water, or getting it damp and microwaving for 20 seconds. You can also run it through the top rack of a dishwashing machine - just make sure it's secure and won't fall to the bottom. Loofahs for the body should be replaced every 1-2 months or more thoroughly sanitized. 

End of life: Compost the luffa or bury it in a garden to enrich the soil. It is fully biodegradable.