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No Tox Life

Dish Washing Starter Set

Dish Washing Starter Set

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Try out 3 of our bestsellers for plastic-free dish washing. 

Set includes:

1 x DISH BLOCK® dish soap in a bar™ - 6 oz size
1 x Moso Bamboo soap shelf for storing your dish soap (and any large soaps)
1 x CASA AGAVE® dish brush with short handle - one of our customer favorites

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Customer Reviews

Based on 811 reviews
Karen F. (New York, US)
Great Product, Great Packaging

Dish Block cleans my dishes and all my cooking equipment beautifully, and it enables me to feel self righteous because there is no plastic involved. Seriously, if we all do something small to help the planet, it will help. There is no reason to buy the plastic-contained liquid dishwashing solutions when Dish Block works so well.

Megan W. (Montrose, US)
No plastic dish block

Great long lasting soap block that I use with brush or just with hands to lather. Goodbye plastic bottle of liquid soap.

Isa M. (Portland, US)
Lasts about 18 months for us.

Great deal. Love that I buy the waste of the company that reduces waste. We're a zero waste family of 3 and this box lasts us about 18 months. I'll never buy anything else. Please keep going. Thanks!

C.E.S. (Wickenburg, US)
Life changing

I've tried a few natural dish soaps before and they all left my dishes greasy and streaky. This was one of the few things I didn't convert to zero waste because I couldn't find the right one.

This soap is so concentrated. You barely have the touch the bar to clean an entire sink of dishes. No fragrance, no dyes, just a very effective and efficient soap. This is now a staple in my home.

Amy S. (Tucson, US)
Please keep this offering!

I love that I was able to purchase the bulk imperfect soap. Not only does it align with my values, I really feel like I received a great value for my purchase. I think the soap will last me a long while! Will definitely purchase again when it's time. :)

Scott (La Crescenta, US)
I feel compelled to write this review, and here’s is why….

I have always used Dawn dish shop as it works well and removes grease as best as any, so I was skeptical in trying the No Tox dish soap. I know not why as I have used their deodorant for years and it works famously, as do their other products, so I ordered.
Let’s cut to the chase. This soap does all the Dawn can do and more. Firstly, it completely removes the raw egg smell from bowls, post scrambled eggs, something no others could do. But here’s the kicker. I have espresso machines, big espresso machines, and nothing will remove the coffee grease short of TSP base cleaners. The portafilter, basket and shower screen all go in for a fifteen to twenty minuet soak and then a good scrubbing. And yes, TSP is not awesome for the environment.
I was cleaning one of my machines and sadly, I forgot my cleaner. But lucky me, I had a chunk of No Tox dish soap and the scrubbie brush and I thought I would try. So here is where the magic comes in. Not only did it remove the espresso scum, it did it quickly and with limited scrubbing. I was stunned. So that’s it, no more Dawn and surly, no more TSP. I’m happy, the environment is happy, my daughter is happy, my hands are happy. (TSP will suck every bit of moisture from your skin.) So there you go...

Lauren J. (Spring Hill, US)

Absolutely love it! I wash more dishes by hand now. Cleansing so good too!

Gail G. (Bozeman, US)
Love it!

Cleans really well! No plastic!!

Roxana T. (A Coruña, ES)
Efficient soap dish

This is the second time I buy it, the first block lasted almost 6 months, isn’t that amazing?
It is used in a daily basis, great for any type of cutlery and dishes. Very important though to roughly rinse it off of glassware to avoid any soap marks to be left. Very good for washing dishes with oily food, it leaves it so clean with no need of using hot water. It doesn’t dry my hands.

Jamie (San Francisco, US)
Best dish soap ever

I have been using this dish soap and other products from no tox life and i'm very satisfied with the quality (takes the grease off the dishes well and very soapy) the fact that the ingredients are safe for my skin, and plastic free. I even use these soaps to clean my shower and bathroom sink. thank you for making these products and continuing to offer them in bulk boxes at a very reasonable price. Your company has completely changed my house cleaning practice!

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