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Dish Washing Starter Set

Dish Washing Starter Set

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Try out 3 of our bestsellers for plastic-free dish washing. 

Set includes:

1 x DISH BLOCK® dish soap in a bar™ - 6 oz size
1 x Moso Bamboo soap shelf for storing your dish soap (and any large soaps)
1 x CASA AGAVE™ dish brush with short handle - one of our customer favorites

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Customer Reviews

Based on 772 reviews
Micah (Seattle, US)
Love It

A fantastic sustainable dish soap that suds up nicely and lasts forever. With the bulk bag, I’ve also used the bits and pieces for general household cleaning and it works well.

Brody (Marblehead, US)
Been using for last 2 years!

Love it, really produces a lot of suds and great for cleaning grease and pans. I really only use water to rinse off the soap at the end.

As long as you don’t submerge the block and rotate the block daily it will last a long time!

Highly recommend

Val L. (Craig, US)
Best dish soap I've ever used.

I originally ordered the smaller bar for camping because I was tired of dish soap leaking on everything. I tested it in my kitchen for a while and absolutely loved it! I've been using the larger block for several years now. The soap cleans my dishes without leaving residue, even cutting through heavy grease and odors if necessary. I especially love that the suds stay in my dish rag even after it dries. That way I don't have to use more soap each time I need to wash only a couple dishes, like I had to with liquid soap. I don't have a dishwasher and do a lot of cooking (so lots of dishes), but each block of soap lasts me over 6 months. It not only saves money, but also eliminates all the waste of plastic bottles.

Amy M. (Albuquerque, US)
Won't break lanolin... but very little does.

I'll give it to you, this will reduce my plastic use. There's absolutely a learning curve on how to soap up a hand brush without splattering the soap from the bar across half the kitchen, and it's effective for most things.

But it struggles to break oils, and will not break lanolin at all. But as in the title, very little will break lanolin, and in particular, kill the scent.

Regardless, it's pretty fun to use, and especially good for scrubbing down pots even if I do occasionally come behind with another soap as backup. I'll take it.

Hi Amy, we are doing a test of a new formula and I would like your opinion on how it does with lanolin and very heavy grease. Sending you an email!

Tim D. (St Louis, US)
Adore the sustainability of this soap

Your large block dish soap and natural bristle hand brushes are an absolute staple in our kitchen. I think we've used about five blocks in the last two years and just ordered 3 more! Thank you for continuing to produce and keep this soap on the market.

Tim and Jenn

Jen V. (Omaha, US)
Will keep buying this dish soap block

This is the second big block of dish soap our family of four has bought. Our first one lasted over a year! We have a dishwasher, but scrub pots, pans, and cutting boards at least twice a day. It suds up really well and it’s super easy to just rub the scrubber pad on top of the soap bar to get as much soap as needed. It’s a pretty big bar that’s always sitting on our counter - lots of guests ask about it - a good way to get into discussing our journey about using less plastic!

Kaitlin S.D.L.C. (Dallas, US)
Great quality!

I ordered the 6oz to try and absolutely love it! It easily removes food and grease that I would normally have to scrub like crazy to get off. Lathers beautifully without using a lot of the bar. I Pool definitely be buying again

Grams (Haverstraw, US)
I love the simplicity of it

I was introduced to this soap by my daughter and ended up purchasing more for my other daughter. It is long lasting, easy to use and makes sense.

Thaddeus W. (DeWitt, US)
Works great!

Glad to have plastic dish soap bottles out of my life for good! About to order more!

S.C. (Rockland, US)
Actually detergent

I’ve used several different brands of solid dish soap. This is the only one that is actually detergent. As such it doesn’t melt away quickly and does not leave a film on the dishes. It cuts through grease but does not drip my hands. I use it with the little knobby brush and it is great for pots and pans and all the utensils I can’t put in the dishwasher. Will purchase again!

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