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No Tox Life

SOLIDSILK® Lip Butter - Lavender Earl Grey - No Tox Life - Pack of 6

SOLIDSILK® Lip Butter - Lavender Earl Grey - No Tox Life - Pack of 6

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Pack of 6

NO TOX LIFE® - SOLIDSILK®  LIP BUTTER - Lavender Earl Grey: an herbal and citrus essential oil blend, with a hint of sweet, packaged in a paperboard tube. 

We always have a lip butter in our pocket, everywhere we go! Our formula is packed with moisturizing organic cocoa butter and avocado oil. We also use wildcrafted plant wax instead of beeswax, so it's completely vegan.

Why do we call it a lip butter instead of a lip balm, or chapstick? Well, lip balm generally found in stores is oily and comes off within an hour or two. Our lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period (we usually find it lasts 4-8 hours on the lips). Our product feels like a rich butter and has a matte finish.

Size: This waste-conscious paperboard tube holds 0.3 oz / 8.5 grams net weight, which is about 2 times bigger than a typical lip balm size. Should last for several months to a year (or longer). It is about 70% the size of the previous tube. 

Shelf life: This product is most fresh when used within 18 months of purchase. Best stored in a cool place to keep it fresher longer. 

Storage: As with any natural product, do not leave it in your car or directly in the hot sun to melt in the heat. It could melt and spill if it gets REALLY hot, and the constant heating and cooling will reduce its freshness. Under normal summer temperatures and shipping it does not typically melt.

Package materials: Paperboard tube coated with a thin coat of certified compostable PLA (polylactic acid which is a plant-based polymer material). The PLA prevents grease spots on the outside of the tube and prevents the design from rubbing off in your purse or pocket

End of life: Commercially compost or recycle the paperboard tube and PLA coated tube and paper sticker. If home composting, it will take 12+ months. Commercial composting will break down faster, in a few months since it reaches higher temperatures. It can be curbside recycled in the bin as well if it's cleaned out. 

by No Tox Life

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About the ingredients

Ingredients & Definitions

Ingredients: wildcrafted candelilla wax (plant wax), organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, organic stevia leaf

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
michelle (Rockaway, US)
An amazing product for my daughter’s bridal shower gift

I found this lip butter at my local farmers market a few months ago. Purchased one for my daughter and I, loved it so much I purchased 24 for her bridal shower.
All the girls loved the gift especially after I told them about the product line using no toxins

Charo L. (Leavenworth, US)
Get You Some!

I cannot get enough of this lip butter. The name is perfectly fitting as it is just like butter (minus the calories). I literally have this butter in every space I'm in, everywhere, at all times. I have purchased it for all my friends and family and added it to my "Charo's Favorite Things" list (like Oprah, but on a budget). ANYONE who reviews this product as anything below 5 stars was not hugged as a child! Forget the chicken salad! You'd better get you some of this!

Kaiba W. (Austin, US)
smooth and hydrating, without plastic

The lip balm is great quality and I love that it's in a biodegradable tube

Ariana L. (Carmel, US)
The best lip product I have EVER used

Somehow something so simple in ingredients acts like magic. Keeps my lips soft and makes a nice moisture barrier that lasts a while. Other lip products sink in and leave you feeling dry or have a weird smell. This does not. Smells great and feels great. I feel lucky I found this!!

Jennifer (Miami, US)

The only chapstick I use!

Gretchen (Horseheads, US)
Amazing!! BEST EVER!

This is by far THE BEST lip balm I’ve ever had. I have paid lots more money for products that were supposed to really nourish your lips-they didn’t. But THIS LIP BALM ACTUALLY NOURISHES & MOISTURIZES YOUR LIPS! It’s amazing. It feels good, it smells great, it tastes good. Now my whole family has converted to the. It’s the only lip balm we use. And it’s planet friendly & no tox!! WINNER ⭐️

Mary M. (West Linn, US)
My favorite

I’m allergic to beeswax so finding a lip balm can be difficult, and I’m so glad that I came across this stuff. It’s the only kind I use now. It’s such a soothing sent, a great formula and selling them in a six pack now is so great.

Caitlin M. (Edmonton, CA)
Love love love - even more kinds please!

I love this product so much
I wish there were more kinds so I can collect them all!

Carolyn M. (Hartland, US)
The best!

Love this lip balm! I originally bought them to avoid any plastic. I keep coming back for more though because they’re super creamy and really keep my lips moist.

Michelle M. (Scituate, US)
lip saver!

Love this lip balm. Easy push up, pocket sized, smooth application, long lasting moisture. Accidentally left it in my coat pocket before putting it in the wash. The paper housing was still mostly intact, lip balm stick all good! I did a little tape repair to cap - good to go!