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Almond Exfoliating Body Cleansing Soap Bar | No Tox Botanicals

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What happens to the leftover pulp after you get your fancy almond milk at that coffee shop or juice bar? Usually, it is thrown in the garbage.

A typical juice bar can throw away up to 64 gallons of juice pulp - EACH DAY. Through our partnership with entrepreneur Kaitlin Mogentale of Pulp Pantry, we take juice pulp and vegan "milk" pulp, and turn it into soap!

The limited edition Almond Pulp bar is made with up-cycled* almonds from local coffee shops and juice bars in Los Angeles. The exfoliating texture of dried almond pulp gives you a deep scrub in the shower, while reducing our food waste impact on the planet. A warm, sweet almond and vanilla scent gives this bar a cozy fragrance.

Unisex scent (sweet almond and vanilla) | Body wash bar | 3.75 oz size | Keep dry between uses

Handmade in Los Angeles by No Tox Botanicals

*Up-cycled means a product destined for a landfill is turned into something new, and more valuable!

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