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No Tox Life Vegan Handmade Soap Campfire Birch Tar Bar
Birch Tar Natural Vegan Soap - Birch Tar Essential Oil1
Birch Tar Natural Vegan Soap - Birch Tar Essential Oil3

Campfire (Birch Tar) Bar (4 oz)

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For more than 40,000 years, humans have used Birch Tar for its unique benefits. It's naturally antiseptic, deters pests, naturally exfoliates and tones new skin. It can waterproof leather boots, and even be concentrated into pitch and used as a natural sealant. This is not your grandfather's pine tar soap! Our Birch Tar bar uses betula alba essential oil steam distilled from White Birch tree bark. It has a strong, smoky campfire-like scent we love. Do you crave an alternative to Tea Tree oil soap? Our Birch Tar bar is what you are looking for.

Natural ingredients: Olive Oil, Filtered Water, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (converted to soap), betula alba Essential Oil.


Handmade in Los Angeles.
Each bar is handmade with vegan, natural ingredients. We make our soaps from scratch in small batches, so variations in size, color and consistency are normal. This bar of soap is 4 ounces and will last a single person 1-2 months if used daily on the whole body. Keep your natural soap dry between use with a wooden soap deck or a hanging shower rack.

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