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Zero Waste Facial Rounds (Bamboo)

Zero Waste Facial Rounds (Bamboo)

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Cleanse and refresh -- zero waste style. Choose from Bamboo fiber, Black & White Prints, or Mixed Greys.

Each round is hand sewn using two layers of 100% organic cotton flannel. (Bamboo is made with two layers of 100% bamboo flannel.)

Pack of 20 rounds.

Bamboo vs. cotton:

Bamboo is an ultra-soft fiber that is completely renewable. It is 40% more absorbent than cotton.

Cotton is soft and eco-friendly (if organic) but requires more water and resources to produce than bamboo.

How to use:

Use with your makeup remover to clean off makeup, and use a clean one to apply toner after cleansing. They replace disposable cotton balls and rounds, keeping all that waste out of landfills. Machine washable.

Quality and size:

Each pad is approx. 3" diameter. The edges are sewn securely to prevent fraying. These pads are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry on low. Do not bleach.


Wash and dry inside a lingerie bag for protection.


These will last for years and save hundreds of disposable cotton balls or rounds from ending up in landfills.

Hand-sewn in Oregon by women paid a living wage | 100% bamboo flannel | zero-waste | includes 20 rounds