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Lavender Slumber Mist

Lavender Slumber Mist

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The SLUMBER mist is designed to be used everywhere. Although branded as a linen and pillow spray, this multi-tasking mist works as a face toner, an atmosphere spray and even a mist for dogs. The ingredients are pure and safe for home and body.

How to use:

For linens and bedding - spray lightly and allow to dry. 

For pillow - mist both sides of pillow before sleep and inhale the lavender essential oils before a relaxing night's sleep.

For face - after cleansing the face, mist 2-4 times and follow with your favorite serum or face creme. 

For dogs - mist coat lightly to give a gentle hint of lavender. Lavender has mild bug-deterrent properties. Avoid face for dogs. Not suitable for cats - essential oils can be toxic to cats.

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel (containing 14% alcohol), organic lavender essential oil

8 oz | 100% natural ingredients | re-usable plastic spray bottle

Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah by Pure Elements