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Rose Gold Safety Razor

Rose Gold Safety Razor

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You can use the chic Rose Gold Safety Razor for all of your shaving needs! Unlike most razors, the safety razor is eco-friendly and plastic-free! It comes in recyclable packaging and has 5 stainless steel blades that will easily go over your hair and leave it smooth. The safety razor is incredibly safe and has sharp double-edged blades that will leave your skin soft and supple. 

Swap out your single-use disposable plastic razors for a sustainable option that has stainless steel blades to give you a closer shave and leave your skin super smooth. You'll be able to contribute to sustainable practices while using a better product that is light and durable but leaves your skin super smooth.

How to Use: This razor is excellent for normal to sensitive skin! It gives the best results when also used with shaving cream or a moisturizing soap - P.S. our solid conditioner doubles as shaving cream!

You'll want to position your razor at an angle (about 20 to 30 degrees) to get the closest shave and because the blade is so much sharper than a disposable razor, there is no need to apply pressure. This might feel a little awkward at first, but it's worth it! 

Make sure to change out the blade when you notice any dragging. This will depend on how often you shave, but we recommend changing your blade after 7 uses, as that will make sure you are getting the closest, smoothest shave every time!

You can easily change out the blade by unscrewing the head of the razor and removing the old blade. Pro tip: grab the two ends of the head that are not the blade with your thumb and pointer finger to get a firm grip before you unscrew the head. Then replace it with a new blade and set back the cap on top of the blade and screw the head back onto the handle.

Comes with a 5 pack of replacement blades - extra refills are standard double edged safety razor blades and can be purchased from us or any general store that sells shaving supplies. 

We have new blades here - from a high quality blade manufacturer. 

Cleaning/Storage: Make sure to clean your razor after every use with warm water to make sure it stays hygienic, and then dry it off with a towel and wipe. You'll want to keep your safety razor in a dry place without too much moisture (don't leave it in the shower or tub!)

reusable razor | plastic-free | recyclable packaging 

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