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No Tox Life Solid Perfume and Cologne2

Solid Cologne or Perfume

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LOW STOCK / OUT OF STOCK - We are retiring this product; available while supplies last.

Solid Cologne or Perfume Scent Profiles:

Desert Rose & Frankincense -- Based on our popular Limited Edition deodorant and body oil, and using premium essential oils. Rose but with the herbal woodsy frankincense for a mystique that makes us come back for more.

Earl Grey & Bay Leaf -- Based on our most popular deodorant fragrance, Earl Grey + Bay Leaf is light, citrusy yet with smoky bay leaf overtones. Clean and fresh, and a truly unisex scent. OUT OF STOCK

Grapefruit Mango -- Sweet and citrusy. Juicy. Bright and uplifting. Happiness in a solid scent. We have a deodorant and two soaps using this very popular scent. Really love this one. OUT OF STOCK

Lavender & Desert Sage -- Lavender and Desert Sage are a perfect pairing. We have a deodorant, soap, body oil and now a solid scent with this pairing. Herbal and floral, neither overwhelming and both perfectly complementing each other.

Woodsman -- Bold camphor and cedarwood, paired with crushed pine tips and lavender buds. Masculine, yet appeals to women. Really reminds us of the outdoors and big country. Our popular Woodsman deodorant uses this fragrance.

To use: Rub finger on solid perfume until a small amount transfers to finger, then massage onto skin. We find if you apply to the back of the wrist rather than the pulse point of the wrist, the scent will last longer.

Ingredients: Candelilla wax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance.


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