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Vegan Bath Bomb (Le Dulce) - NELA Naturals
Vegan Bath Bomb (Le Dulce) - NELA Naturals

Vegan Bath Bomb (Le Dulce) - NELA Naturals

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Le Dulce - a sweet, narcotic and sensual aroma of hawthorn tree with notes of caramel, powder and earth. Topped with dried oats and Himalayan pink salt crystals.

About our bath bombs: Unlike most bath bombs designed just for colors and fizzing, ours are a deeply satisfying combination of a bath milk, a bath bomb and a bath oil. Drop the whole thing in your bath for the most luxurious experience, or cut it in half to savor it for two baths. We put a high amount of coconut milk in each one, plus sunflower oil, to give you soft, lovely skin while you soak. 

Instructions: fill your bathtub with warm water, drop the bath bomb inside. It will float and fizz, releasing essential oils, soothing coconut milk, silky clays, softening oats powder, and rich sunflower oil. Breathe deep, relax, and enjoy!

Free of colorants, dyes and synthetic foaming agents.

It might not bounce around your bathtub and explode in bright colors like a LUSH bath bomb, but we prefer not having to clean up a ring around the tub afterward.

Handmade | Vegan | ECO-cert and cruelty-free | single use (or double-use if broken in half)

Handmade by NELA Naturals in Northeast Los Angeles