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Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Scent Blends - Earth & Daughter

Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Scent Blends - Earth & Daughter

90 total reviews

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Scent Blend

These moisturizing and palm-oil free soaps for body or hands are made of luxurious coconut cleansers to wash, bubble and clean without stripping your skin's natural barrier.

Switching to a solid soap for washing the body will save plastic bottles of body wash in the shower and keep your skin moisturized. 

Phthalate-free Fragrance and EO (essential oil) scent Blend: Hand-cut 2.75-3.4oz 78-96g - body wash bars. No additional packaging is provided. Fragrance and EO scent Blend collection contains a phthalate-free blend of fragrance and essential oils. We have a rotating mix of scents being created here so typically all batches are limited edition.

Quantity options:

1 bar at regular price
3 bars (discounted 20%)
24 bars (best discount - save 35%)

Other sale options:
Choose the soap lottery (mystery bar) variant to get a mystery scent or unscented bar - staff choice at 50% off. 

Notes on fragrance and EO (essential oil) scent blends:

Fragrances are made from aroma isolates and blended with essential oils. The aroma isolates are used to create scents that are not sustainable, practical or possible in nature, or where the natural option is not vegan.

Examples of notes found in these blends that are not sustainable in the "natural" version: vanilla (natural source for flavoring is typically from animals, there is also Madagascar vanilla which costs thousands of dollars a pound), sandalwood (not sustainable in nature, sandalwood trees are wildly over-harvested and are endangered), rose (costs thousands of dollars a pound for rose essential oil and 6 acres of roses per pound of essential oil).

The aroma isolates are blended to re-create scents found in nature without the animal ingredients or unsustainable ingredients. They are mixed with proprietary blends of essential oils to create enticing scents.

All fragrances are used per IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards and are free of phthalates, which are harmful plasticizers used to extend cheap fragrances. So they won't be as long lasting as the types of fragrances you may have experienced before, and are much milder. 

Scents we are currently shipping:

Ocean Sage - smells like sage, sea salt, the ocean and golden amber

Sunshine Citrus - smells like sweet citrus, peach and papaya

Southern Rose - smells like a fragrant rose with a hint of gardenia

Soap Lottery - this is a staff choice of a limited scent or scents we made in small batches! If you are down for a mystery bar then this one is for you! These may be scented or unscented. 

Mystery Bar / Soap Lottery pricing:

Set of 3 - 40% off
Set of 24 - 50% off

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, vegetable glycerin (palm-free), sodium olivate, sodium castorate. May contain: phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil blend, natural clays, mineral oxide (for color)

Manufactured by Earth & Daughter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Victoria S.A.
Great soap

My favorite of the soaps is turmeric.

Isobel S.

Moisturizing Vegan Body Wash - Scent Blends - Earth & Daughter

Erika S.
Love it!

This soap leaves my skin clean and soft. It has a nice light scent and a great lather.

Kimberly V.

I love how this soap does not irritate my skin and leaves it feeling soft! I have sensitive skin and this is perfect for me as it doesn’t leave my skin dry and doesn’t have a strong smell at all!! I bought some other soaps on here and cannot wait to try them out!!

john g.

Great stuff

Adriana O.
6 Soap lottery: for a fraction of the price

I wish I knew the names of these soaps, the lottery options are unique bar soaps, & they smell amazing. They dont dry out your natural oils from your hands or body. One small bar without running it under water lasts me about 3 months. Comparing it to the full size underarm detox bar, they 3/4th in size. For a fraction of the price, you get similar quality soaps.

Zoi F.
Wonderful products

I’m happy to have found these products for their quality and costs. I highly suggest them.

Kelly B.
Favorite soap but..

This is my favorite soap. I use it everyday. I only use the unscented soap but for my bridal shower I wanted to order a favor for my girls that I love. I ordered the soap lottery (mystery bars) expecting to get multiple fun types of soap. I got the 24 pack and got 12 lemon scented bars and 12 sandalwood scented bars(i think?). I was hoping for more diversity. Disappointed to say the least. Not worth the discount.

Sorry you are disappointed with this one and it was not worth the 50% off for you.

To clarify for anyone else who is looking for a variety pack like you were, the mystery bar option is a staff choice from our shipping staff of what is available. It is not a variety pack.

These are bars that are not currently listed for sale online, they are smaller batches generally of something we have made that isn't enough quantity to list on the site.

It can either be all the same bar or more than one type of bar in the pack. It is not a 'rainbow' style pack where each one is different or there is a guaranteed variety.

Totally recommend!

Love all the scents! I also love that they don’t irritate my skin.

The Lavender Rain Body Wash is Magic

I had ordered the body wash looking to try out new things for my husband and myself. Even before I opened the box, I could smell it.

The best way I can describe it is that it is hypnotizing. It's delicious and light and clean. It is an understatement to say that I simply love this scent and this wash. I would be happy just having my whole house smell like Lavender Rain. Normally, my husband is the lavender fan, but this stuff is different.

I don't know how you guys did it but keep doing it. I already have another three bars ordered. Thank you for the work that you do.

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