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Vegan Floss
Vegan Floss
Vegan Floss
Vegan Floss
Vegan Floss
Vegan Floss

Vegan Floss

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Our low waste vegan floss containers are completely reusable and have refills available.

The bamboo charcoal floss is great for getting stuck food and plaque buildup. Keep in mind it's a little different feel than ribbon style floss, it's a little thicker so might take some adjustment. Mint flavored.

Bamboo Charcoal Floss Composition: 80% bamboo fiber, 20% nylon. The container is glass with a metal lid and completely reusable and recyclable. Coated with vegan plant wax, no silk or beeswax. 

Glass container: Comes with one glass and metal container in a compostable box. Save your container and reuse it for refills. 33 yards of floss are included.

Refills: Refills come in a recyclable or compostable kraft paper box. 2 refill spools (33 yards each, 66 yards total) come in each box.

End of life: Recycle the floss, reuse the container, recycle or compost the kraft paper boxes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Love the packaging

I tried this floss because I was looking for better packaging options than what’s available in traditional stores. I have very tight contact between some teeth, and this floss breaks repeatedly in those places. It’s good on regular spacing however. I would love an option of this packaging with floss that is similar to Glide (it’s the only floss that doesn’t break on tight contact that I know of). I don’t want to buy the plastic boxes it comes in.

Superior Floss

I don't go generally go out of my way to buy vegan products, but this is an outstanding floss. I say this as the son of a dentist and as someone who's somewhat obsessive over dental health. High gloss flosses like Glide fail to adequately remove plaque, and often break when I apply even moderate amounts of pressure. Wax coated flosses are generally often too wide to comfortably fit between my teeth and still fail to remove plaque between my teeth. This is nothing to say of the plastic used in both types of floss.

For me, this floss offers the perfect texture for removing plaque and it's strong/resilient enough for deeper cleaning sessions. The use of renewable materials is a bonus, but the cleaning properties of this floss have been the main reason that we buy (and often gift) this floss.

Functional but can rip

Works as expected but I’ve had the string rip when flossing, though not often.


This floss is not stringy like some of the ones you get at the drugstore. Works great and is environmentally friendly!

Glides Easily

Great product. Glides easily between tight teeth and no shredding! Will continue to purchase.


Smells fresh and it feels great!

Strong, sturdy Floss!!

No Tox Life’s vegan floss is surprisingly sturdy and strong! It doesn’t break easily like other vegan or compostable floss brands I’ve tried. Honestly best one I’ve tried out there–highly recommend it. Definitely buying again.

Great floss

I love this floss. I have super tight teeth and it doesn't get stuck or shred. Plus, I don't know if it's because it's black or the flavor or what, but it actually motivates me to floss more often. It seems like it works better than other floss I've used. I also like the bottle it comes in and it's easy to cut the floss. Will buy again.

Really good floss

I bought this just to try it and really wasn't sure if it would work. It's strong! Hasn't snapped or broken on me once. I don't need to use as much as the Glide floss. And it gets more cleaned out. The bottle it comes in works very well and is space-saving. I recommended the floss to my dental hygienist!

Great floss and feel good using it

I was hesitant to try it because I worried it might fall apart or it would be odd in some way/take some time to get used to, but in person it’s totally smooth and easy and strong. Flavor is good and subtle, the container and appearance (and box it comes in) is beautiful and earth friendly, and most of all I feel a lot better using this than regular plastic floss. I considered peace silk floss but there really is no vegan silk floss, and while I’m not vegan I am trying to be better in my everyday choices, large and small, and with this option available I’m more than happy to use this. All that is to say, great product! x