Our 6th Company Anniversary

Our 6th Company Anniversary

6 years ago on Earth Day, my mom Sandee founded No Tox Life to provide vegan, safe and effective products for a cleaner, greener lifestyle. We worked together from the beginning selling products she made in her kitchen at our local farmers market. After about a year I decided to quit my job and partner with her full time to grow the company. 

When Sandee and I first discussed the guiding ideas behind the company, while making 100% vegan products was on the absolute yes list (we both went vegan 9 years ago), we hadn't yet considered our packaging and how eco friendly our packaging needed to be.

In 2017 we started getting feedback from customers regarding certain products packaged in plastic. People were requesting plastic-free options or refill options. At that time we were still focused on improving our prices, since handmade natural products are expensive to manufacture.

We began researching plastic-free packaging options available and found that glass and metal were able to replace some packaging styles but glass and metal created their own set of recycling and carbon footprint problems. After a lot of research and testing, we concluded that solid form (not liquid) products were REALLY the answer to low waste or zero waste. We launched the Dish Block® in 2018 as a revolutionary new product to replace plastic bottles of dish soap at the kitchen sink.


In the last 6 years we have grown from just selling at farmers market booths and online to being carried in 800+ retailers worldwide, including in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia (we do not sell to China due to mandatory animal testing policies). 

Some people assume based on our social media photos or the products we manufacture that we are a large company. We are a small company of less than 10 full time people, and we manufacture our products in-house using all vegan materials & ingredients. 

Sandee participated in the very first Earth Day in 1970, and marched 25 miles along with her classmates and millions of Americans (an all day march!). Today, there is a renewed awareness of Earth Day and people will be participating mostly digitally at home due to COVID-19.  

It is great to see so many new people adopting vegan and low waste lifestyles and caring about what happens to our planet.

As a thank you for supporting our company and celebrating our company anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, take 22% off any purchase over $50 on our website today only. The coupon will be automatically applied in your cart once you reach the correct dollar amount. 

🌎 Happy Earth Day! 😘

Callie & Sandee, co-founders of No Tox Life

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