Shipping Sustainability

We use a range of sustainable, plastic-free packaging material when shipping retail orders. We use paper tape to seal boxes. We use brown recycled cellulose (plant fiber) for padding and recycled paper to wrap delicate items like soaps. 

If you see packing peanuts in your order, they are biodegradable and water-soluble (made of cornstarch!).

We re-use and upcycle cardboard boxes when possible that we receive from our suppliers or are donated. Please continue to re-use and donate your packaging if possible to another store that does online shipping to minimize waste and give it another life. 

shipping materials compostable

Materials we ship with:
  • biodegradable padded paper envelopes
  • kraft paper (brown recycled paper) padding
  • cellulose (wood pulp padding)
  • biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts
  • sheets of recycled stuffing paper
  • reused boxes
  • some new boxes made of recycled content
  • flat rate USPS boxes
  • sticky paper tape to seal boxes


compostable peanuts

compostable tape

paper compostable mailer


Packing efficiency:

We try to pack orders tightly with little to no wasted space. That means less volume needs to be transported, plus products without water mean you aren't lugging water around the world. 

Shipping emissions:

For orders on our e-commerce site, we mostly use USPS ground shipping which does keep emissions reduced as the mail carrier is traveling to houses anyway to deliver mail. 

For wholesale shipments we prioritize keeping the cost low for bulk shipments, so we use the lowest cost and most reliable options, usually USPS and UPS and consolidate via truck and rail for larger orders. This keeps the cost down for your local retailers so they don't need to apply a high markup to the products. It incentivizes in-store shopping when the retailers have reasonable prices.