Symbiotic Sunday

Symbiotic Sunday

Symbiotic means involving the relationship between two different types of living things (animals, plants or people). Usually refers to a beneficial or interdependent relationship.

Example of symbiotic living from nature: In a coral reef, the fish tend to eat the seaweed, making more room for coral to grow, and the coral provide hiding places and protection for the fish. 

Humanity is happier when it co-exists with nature (living symbiotically). We should not be trying to conquer or destroy what nature already figured out and created over millions of years of evolution and changing. 

The survival of humans depends on the survival of all of our environment, which includes the plant and animal kingdoms as well as other living things like mushrooms that are neither plant nor animal.

Our human race’s activities (consuming trillions of gallons of oil within the space of 100 years, polluting our oceans with single-use plastics, creating pesticides that kill beneficial insects, making diverse species go extinct with removal of rainforests and delicate ecosystems), are treating the planet as if we humans are separate from nature.

One of the key elements to really create change in all of this is educating humans on why it is so important to do something different. We can’t keep acting like business as usual.

On Symbiotic Sunday, we are donating 5% of all sales (net revenue, excluding shipping charges and sales taxes, and after discounts are applied) to charities, non-profits and groups that work towards education, training and awareness of people, to inspire others to build a better future and better relationship with our environment. 

Comment or message on social media or email or text us and nominate your favorite charities and groups for us to consider for donations!


Symbiotic Sunday Sale:

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Stay tuned for one more sale starting on Monday!

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