Vegan Protein Cookie Sampling

Vegan Protein Cookie Sampling

We have collaborated with Love + Chew to gift two free vegan protein cookies to sample (an unreleased flavor). *allergen warning: contains peanut

We are gifting 1-2 of these cookies in each order while they last! 

If you received the cookie(s) in your package you are automatically entered to our giveaway - one lucky winner will get a free No Tox Life $100 gift card as well as a Love + Chew $100 gift card. 

To help Love + Chew with their product development, we ask that you fill out this quick survey about the flavor you tried:

love and chew

What's special about this cookie? It has 10g of protein, 10g of fiber, and is baked with upcycled oat flour. During the oat milk production process, leftover oats are rescued and instead of being thrown away, they are baked into these delicious cookies.  Love + Chew is also female-founded and minority owned.  

Thank you for supporting low waste and vegan companies!

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