Refill Station & Address

UPDATE - Our brick and mortar in Los Angeles is permanently closed. We continue to manufacture and supply hundreds of other retailers but our own store is closed. See more here. 

We are excited to offer unpackaged and refill options (all vegan!) at our flagship store in Los Angeles to help reduce the amount of packaging waste ending up in landfills!


How it Works:

Step 1: Pick & Tare Your Container

Pick out and tare your container (we can help you with that)! Tare means the weight of your empty container. We do this so we don't charge you for the weight of the empty container.

Step 2: Fill Up

Pick the product you wish to refill, and fill up your container with your desired amount. 

Step 3: Weigh & Pay

Head to the scale at the register for the final weight.

What Containers Work?

We encourage you to bring in your own containers from home for refilling! However, we do have new jars available for purchase at affordable prices. We are unfortunately closing our jar library so we are no longer able to receive donated jars

Are my containers clean? 

Always use a clean and dry container when refilling. Your refill is as fresh as the oldest product remaining in your jar. Check out this cheat sheet on how to sanitize your jars and to ensure you are using a clean container when repurposing and reusing old containers for refills.