Eagle Rock Brewery & No Tox Life present: BEER & BEAUTY

Eagle Rock Brewery & No Tox Life present: BEER & BEAUTY

Hey, everyone! We are so excited to be pairing up with our neighbors, Eagle Rock Brewery for their September Women's Beer Forum! The theme is BEER & BEAUTY and will involve a curated flight of four beers, paired with four of our soaps. This event is perfect for those curious about beer or those that are well versed in the craft beer world. 

In addition, we will be premiering a new beer soap, made with Eagle Rock Brewery Beer and grains! Inspired by their new addition to their taps, Silly Rabbit, is a Wheat Hazy IPA. All of you lovely ladies will also be taking a bar home with you.

See you there. Cheers!

Where: Eagle Rock Brewery, 3056 Roswell St. Los Angeles, CA 90065

When: September 20, 7:00pm

Tickets: $22. Reserve your seat here!



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