M.Marian Helps Support California Businesses

M.Marian Helps Support California Businesses

M.Marian gifts creates beautiful gift baskets, curated from all local makers right in California. Each gift basket features handmade products from small businesses. M.Marian believes in supporting the local business community and minimizing waste. 

M.Marian gifts supports Theodore Payne Foundation's mission to encourage the education and understanding of local, native plants in California by including a satchel of native California wildflower seeds to plant yourself. Even all of the baskets are inspired and named after wildflowers!

No Tox Life is one of the featured makers and we are included in some of the gift baskets, like this one!

There are so many wonderful, handmade makers that range from chocolate to ceramics, we are glad that M.Marian welcomes customized orders.

Check out M.Marian gifts here!


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