Intro to Herbalism Workshop - Recap

Intro to Herbalism Workshop - Recap

Fruit tree and herbs experts of Fruitstitute, Joanna Glovinsky and Alison Veit,  joined us at the No Tox Life's studio to educate and make plant-based tinctures and teas from none other than what already exists on all of the streets in Los Angeles- TREES!  

Fruitstitute aids in the care and education of the local fruit trees which are abundant and are everywhere once you notice them! Our tree experts hosted a walking trip down the streets of Glassell Park to help identify edible leaves and fruits for those urban foragers. 

Back in the studio, Joanna and Alison had an impressive amount of knowledge about each use and function of many different fruit trees leaves, including lemon leaf, guava leaf, pomegranate leaf, fig leaf, even loquat leaf.

Everyone curated their own leaf collection and chopped up their own fragrant combination for an herbal tea. My own personal, very earthy creation, was made with avocado leaf, guava leaf, and loquat leaf and was ready after 15 minutes of steeping.

We then got to formulate your own tincture for personal use. The herbs will take about 4 weeks for the alcohol to soak up any of the plants' nutrients and be ready for ingesting. Herbs have been used for wellness for centuries and we can still look to the plants for help! Cocktails were originally crafted to be used as medicine too.

Thank you Fruitstitute ladies for hosting this lovely workshop at our store!

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