About the company

No Tox Life products are manufactured by us in our North American-based solar-powered facility. For some products like bamboo accessories, we work with responsible manufacturers to design and create items we use and love.
"Zero Waste" is an industry term which means a reduction of waste to very little or nothing. Not all products we make are completely zero waste - even a package free bar of soap has to ship in a shipping box - but we have carefully designed and formulated our products to reduce as much waste as possible. Part of this is making long-lasting products that are more concentrated. We focus on creating solid form products without excess water, which means you can use the product with your own water at the tap. The solid form concentrated products have a lesser impact in general than shipping a liquid product in a plastic bottle composed of 75-95% water to you.
Yes, all products we both make and sell are 100% vegan.
No, we never test on animals and never plan to. We also don't sell to countries like China that require animal testing.
Sandee Ferman, and Callie Milford - a mother-daughter team.
Yes! We are a small team working to expand zero waste. 
Sandee Ferman is the founder of No Tox Life. Her daughter Callie Milford is the co-founder. They own and run the business together. Read more about the founders here.
Yes, our products are available for wholesale to qualified retailers. Read more about wholesale here.

Shipping Information

We ship every business day, Monday through Friday. Most e-commerce orders go out within 1 business day. The site has a calculator at checkout which shows you the estimated delivery or shipping times. 

We can't guarantee the carriers' estimated times, and there may be delays due to weather, holidays or natural disasters. 
Put any gate codes into your address on the second line so the carrier sees it. 
For the security of your order, make sure you or someone else is home to receive the package, or deliver to your workplace or a mailbox receiving service.
We are not responsible for packages that are missing after being marked delivered by the carrier, however we will help you contact the carrier to get GPS confirmation of the exact delivery location if you report that you can't find it. 

We recommend using a doorbell camera or other device to track deliveries so you can see when packages are dropped off and deter theft. 
If you put in the wrong address, contact us immediately so we can try to correct it before it ships. If the order ships to the wrong address due to user error, we are not able to refund or replace that order. Depending on the carrier used, it may be possible to redirect the order before delivery. 

Free Shipping

See our specials page for free shipping specials

International orders:

We currently do not ship to destinations outside of Canada or USA for e-commerce orders. Please contact us with recommended stores you want us in in your country, and we will contact those stores about ordering wholesale. 

If an item is ordered on backorder (out of stock item, but you were able to order anyway), it will not ship immediately. Backorders will ship after we have made the item, which can take anywhere from one week to over a month (depending which type of item it is). 
Once your order has been "Checked Out" it can NOT be cancelled. The order is sent over to our shipping department and may already be processed. If you email us within an hour of the order we may be able to help cancel it if it hasn't been processed. 
If you just placed the order, contact us immediately and provide the correct address. We will try to update it before it ships. We are not responsible for customer address errors.
If your order is delivered to the wrong address (that you provided), we cannot refund it or replace it.
If your order is returned to us because of a wrong address provided, we will be happy to ship it to you again, upon payment of the additional shipping cost.
If your order is returned to us because of a wrong address provided, and you simply want a refund, we will refund the order minus the actual cost of shipping (including orders with "Free Shipping" promotions). Typically the actual shipping cost is at least $10.
International orders are shipped by USPS First Class or Priority Mail International, or DHL, depending on your order size. You are responsible for any customs fees or taxes. If you ordered DDP - Delivered Duties Paid, the taxes should be handled in advance by the shipper so there is nothing else you need to do after checkout. 

International orders are FINAL SALE and non-refundable. We will not refund any portion of the price due to customs fees or VAT and we do not pay customs fees or VAT on your behalf.

What if I decide not to pay customs fees or VAT?

If the order is returned to us with customs fees or VAT unpaid we will deduct all shipping fees, VAT and customs fees, plus a 20% restocking fee, and refund any remainder. 
We ship online orders with plastic-free and biodegradable materials! Read about our biodegradable shipping materials here. 

About the products

Yes! Our deodorants use enzymes to help zap the bacteria that causes odor. Unlike aluminum deodorants, we believe you should sweat, but not stink. Read the deodorant reviews on the product pages to see real customer feedback.
No - we don't use any baking soda in the deodorants.

Hot soapy water will clean bacteria just as well as antibacterial soap; see recent FDA findings on this issue and the phasing out of triclosan, a synthetic antibacterial ingredient.

They did a study as early as the 80s in hospitals and determined that nurses and doctors using the same bar of soap did not transfer bacteria because the action of washing washes the bacteria off and down the drain.

Synthetic antibacterial agents like triclosan have been linked to "super bugs" and bacterial resistance in hospital settings. So instead of using a regulated pesticide ingredient to kill bacteria, with our product you are simply washing the bacteria down the drain. Here is one telling quote: "when researchers analyzed data from 27 studies, they found that people who washed with regular soap were just as likely to get sick as those who used soap with triclosan." There is also information being investigated that may link using antibacterial products with triclosan to higher rates of allergies in children.

If you are very concerned about sterilization there are counter top sterilization devices that mamas use to clean baby bottles. And this is recommended by one of our current customers regarding cleaning up meat and animal product bacterial residues on kitchen surfaces: "For things like countertops and cutting boards, you could try hydrogen peroxide and/or vinegar. Using both (one after the other but NOT combined) is apparently great at disinfecting. Both are inexpensive, accessible and also easy on the environment. Hope that helps! Happy cleaning :)"

The shelf life of most products range from 1 year to 5 years after purchase. Dish Block® dishwashing bars - greater than 5 years (store in a dry location away from direct sunlight) | solid face cleansers - 5 years if stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight | deodorants - 4 years or longer. They will gradually dry out over time and if you're keeping a stick around for 6 months to a year, store it in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container to keep the moisture in. | cremes and oils - typically, creams and oils are more delicate and can go rancid if stored in the heat. Rancid oils will smell overly "nutty" and stale. For best freshness, use oils and cremes within 1 year, or store them in the refrigerator to extend life to 2 years. | lip butters - best used within 2 years to keep the oils and butters fresh. | Eucalyptus Steam® shower rounds - if kept dry, in sealed jar, 3 years or more. Do not allow excess bathroom moisture to enter the jar, they could activate and begin dissolving in the jar. | Send us an email if you're concerned about the shelf life of a particular product.
Each product is made in small batches. Some products simply don't have the sales behind it for us to keep making it, or the cost of making it in materials and production is more than customers are willing to pay. Think of some of our limited run products as a seasonal restaurant menu! 
Yes, we only make vegan products and never test on animals, only willing human volunteers. We source from suppliers who pledge they don't test on animals.

Returns and Refunds

No, we do not have a guarantee. We try to make our products work for most people but we do not have a moneyback guarantee at this time. 
For e-commerce orders placed on our site - read more with our complete refund policy here. 
If you have an issue with a product or your order, please reach out so we can assist you. 
Wholesale orders are final sale, no returns or exchanges accepted.
We can definitely help you out! Please take a photo of the damage to the outer box, and internal damage to its contents. Send us a message and we'll help you out. There may be a slight delay on refund or re-shipment for damages as we deal with the shipping carrier to resolve what occurred with your shipment.


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We reserve the right to cancel coupons, discounts, special offers, including free shipping offers, at any time, and for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to honor any coupon or special offer for any reason.

Price changes

Sometimes initial prices of a product are an introductory price, and as we continue making a product and have to purchase new equipment or get a better idea of the labor involved, we have to raise the price. In some cases, our suppliers have raised prices of certain ingredients and we have to adjust accordingly. The natural ingredients we use are harvested all over the world and events such as extra rainy seasons, crop failures and shortages can affect our raw material prices significantly. Just like food prices, natural ingredient prices do not remain the same over time.

Sponsorships, donations and free samples

We are a small family business and have a limited budget for giveaways and sponsorships. Right now we are donating extra soaps and hygiene products to Recycled Resources and Showers of Hope, to give bi-weekly showers to the unhoused in the area. We also work with other small 501(3)(c) non profit organizations on humanitarian relief, education, and human rights issues donations. 
Because we are a small business, we don't price our products to accommodate free product requests. We believe in creating high-quality products that are worth paying for.
We do not have free samples, we only make full size or travel size products at this time and do not price our products to accommodate giving freebies.