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About the company

No Tox Life products are made by us. We also carry some other brands in our store by other local makers. For some products like wooden accessories, we work with responsible manufacturers to design and create items we use and love.
Handmade products means we can offer superior quality. Each formula is devised from scratch using the best-quality ingredients we can find. Sometimes this means the final product costs more than typical drugstore products. The advantage is our products are made with skin-nourishing ingredients and are made without "fillers" so each product will last a long time.
Yes, all products we both make and sell are 100% vegan.
No, we never test on animals and never plan to. We also don't sell to countries like China that require animal testing.
Sandee Ferman, and Callie Milford - a mother-daughter team.
Yes! We are a small team of about 10 people working to expand zero waste. 
Sandee Ferman is the founder of No Tox Life. Her daughter Callie Milford is the co-founder. They own and run the business together. Read more about the founders here.
Yes, many products are available for wholesale to qualified retailers. Read more about wholesale here.

Shipping Information

We ship via USPS every business day, Monday through Friday. Orders placed later in the day Friday ship Monday or Tuesday based on weekend order volume. 

We can't guarantee the post office's estimated times, and there may be delays due to weather or natural disasters. 
Please note any special delivery instructions if needed for your order, such as a gate code or place to leave the package. We will write this on the box for USPS, but we cannot guarantee that USPS will follow the instructions.
For the security of your order, make sure you or someone else is home to receive the package, or deliver to your workplace. You are responsible for your package after it is marked delivered. If your package is stolen, or is marked "delivered" but never arrived, you may be able to file a claim with the postal service; there is usually a 20-day delay before you can file. We are not responsible for stolen packages (where the package was delivered to your location by the post office or UPS and then stolen after delivery). Stolen packages are not covered by package insurance.
Orders above $100 retail (including shipping costs and taxes), MAY ship signature required. Check the tracking for your order to see if it is marked "signature required". Please be home to receive the delivery or have it delivered to your workplace or post office box. Returned orders that were not picked up after being held at the post office or UPS store may have an additional shipping fee if you want them shipped again.

Free Shipping

Order $39 or more in the USA and get free shipping. For the rest of the world, order $125 or more and get free shipping. Shipping times are not guaranteed, but typically USA orders will arrive in 1-6 business days after shipment, International orders typically arrive in 1-2 weeks after shipment. If there is any issue or delay with your order, please contact us so we can help.

Flat shipping rates USA

USA orders below $39 have a flat shipping rate of $3.99.

Flat shipping rates Rest of World

The rest of the world has flat shipping rates below $125, in several tiers based on orders amounts:

$0-$39 order - flat rate $18

$39-$100 order - flat rate $20

$100-$125 order - flat rate $25

$125 and up - FREE international shipping

Shipping speeds are not guaranteed, all customs fees and VAT are the responsibility of the buyer. 

If an item is ordered on backorder (out of stock item, but you were able to order anyway), it will not ship immediately. Backorders will ship after we have made the item, which can take anywhere from one week to over a month (depending which type of item it is). If an item is ordered on backorder and we are unable to make it for any reason, we will refund that portion of the order, or offer a substitute item of equal cost.
Our products are made to order and are therefore custom products. We order supplies for your products quickly to make sure your order is created and shipped rapidly. Once your order has been "Checked Out" it can NOT be cancelled.
International orders are shipped by USPS First Class or Priority Mail International, or DHL, depending on your order size. You are responsible for any customs fees or taxes upon receipt of the order.

Please check with your local customs office before ordering, regarding any fees that may be due. DutyCalculator.com has useful information for calculating estimated taxes and fees. As an example of importing fees, if you imported 5 sticks of deodorant (totaling $140USD) from the United States to the UK, and paid $25USD in shipping, the estimated VAT due would be around £25, and you would have to pay this to your local customs office or postal office before receiving the items.

Please note, the above example is merely an estimate for one country. Some countries have much higher customs fees and VAT and you may pay double the product price in fees. Additionally, if you do not pay the customs fees or VAT promptly, you may owe additional storage fees to the customs office.

International orders are FINAL SALE and non-refundable. We will not refund any portion of the price due to customs fees or VAT and we do not pay customs fees or VAT on your behalf.
We use recycled paper packaging materials whenever possible. Check all the packing material before you throw it away! Extra paper may be hiding some of your No Tox Life goodies! We minimize plastic in our packing and shipping materials to be more eco-conscious. If you see packing peanuts in your order, most of them are biodegradable cornstarch, some of them are not (the biodegradable ones are an off-white color and smell like Cheetos!).

Materials we ship with:
  • biodegradable padded paper envelopes
  • kraft paper (brown recycled paper) padding
  • cellulose (wood pulp padding)
  • biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts
  • sheets of recycled stuffing paper
  • old Amazon (and any brand) boxes donated by customers
  • some new boxes made of recycled content
  • flat rate USPS boxes
  • sticky paper tape to seal boxes
We actually re-use packaging from our suppliers and customers, so if you see plastic padding it is re-used not purchased. Please pass this on if possible to another store that does online shipping to minimize waste and give it another life. We believe that re-using donated plastic padding instead of pretending it doesn't exist, is more "zero waste". We typically only re-use this plastic for larger wholesale orders. If you object to us re-using donated plastic, please let us know before you order. 

About the products

Our soaps are made using natural oils and butters, and premium essential oils. Each soap is carefully crafted to keep your skin moisturized as you wash. Our facial soaps are made using costly mango butter and shea butter. Our body soaps are made using sustainable olive oil instead of palm oil. We don't use petroleum-based detergents in our soaps, so your skin won't be dried out and the bubbles will be smaller.
Interestingly, all soap is made with lye as a processing ingredient. The lye is dissolved in water, which reacts with oils and butters to form a salt. Technically, soap is really a salt, made out of fatty acids (oils and butters), converted into soap by combining it with lye. All of the oils and butter come from 100% natural plants. Our soap is safely formulated so no remaining lye is left in the bar.
Yes! Our deodorants use enzymes to help zap the bacteria that causes odor. Unlike aluminum deodorants, we believe you should sweat, but not stink. Read the deodorant reviews on the product pages to see real customer feedback.
No - we don't use any baking soda in the No Tox Botanicals deodorants.
We carry Bare Bones Body deodorants, one of which has baking soda, one does not. The one with baking soda has a very small amount (much less than usual deodorants), but if you're prone to rashes then go with baking soda free.
The shelf life of most products range from 1 year to 5 years after purchase. dish block® dishwashing bars - greater than 5 years (store in a dry location away from direct sunlight) | face & body soaps and cleansers - 5 years if stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight | deodorants - 2 years or longer. They will gradually dry out over time and if you're keeping a stick around for 6 months to a year, store it in a sealed plastic bag to keep the moisture in. | cremes and oils - typically, creams and oils are more delicate and can go rancid if stored in the heat. Rancid oils will smell overly "nutty" and stale. For best freshness, use oils and cremes within 1 year, or store them in the refrigerator to extend life to 2 years. | lip butters - best used within 1 year to keep the oils and butters fresh. | eucalyptus steam® cubes - if kept dry, in sealed jar, 5 years or more. Do not allow excess bathroom moisture to enter the jar, they could activate and begin dissolving in the jar. | bath soaks - 5 years or more. Keep container sealed and dry. | candles - if lid is kept on - more than 5 years. Use protective lid to keep dust off of the wax, don't store in direct sunlight, and follow burning instructions for fire safety.  | Send us an email if you're concerned about the shelf life of a particular product.
Each product we make is hand-made in small batches in our studio in Los Angeles. We oftentimes do a small batch of a product to see how popular it is, before committing to making larger batches. Some products are never made beyond this initial batch. Some products simply don't have the sales behind it for us to keep making it, or the cost of making it in materials and labor is more than customers are willing to pay. 
Yes, we only make vegan products and never test on animals, only willing human volunteers. We source from suppliers who pledge they don't test on animals.

Returns and Refunds

No, we do not have a guarantee. Each person has different skin, different sensitivities. We try to make all products safe for the majority of people, but please know your allergies and send us an email before ordering if you're concerned about using particular products.
Due to the nature of bath, beauty and skincare products, all sales are final. Non-skincare, beauty and food products such as candles and wooden soap decks may be returned within 14 days for store credit of the total product cost, minus shipping fees, with proof of purchase. If the initial order included free shipping, the actual shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. The buyer pays return shipping fees, and must contact us to receive a return authorization. Live plants purchased in our retail store may not be returned. Any returned products must be in completely new, unused, and re-sellable condition and are subject to manager approval.
Refill station products in our retail store are all final sale.
Wholesale orders are final sale, no returns or exchanges accepted.
We can definitely help you out! Please take a photo of the damage to the outer box, and internal damage to its contents. Send us a message and we'll help you out. There may be a slight delay on refund or re-shipment for damages as we deal with the shipping carrier to resolve what occurred with your shipment.


We occasionally offer discounts, specials and coupons to our email list subscribers. Sign up here to receive email notices from us and find out about new products.

Discounts may not be combined or "stacked" with other discounts. For example, a coupon for 10% off is not combinable with bundle discounts for buying several soaps, or buying several lip balms. You can choose one discount or the other, whichever is greater. 

We reserve the right to cancel coupons, discounts, special offers, including free shipping offers, at any time, and for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to honor any coupon or special offer for any reason.

Discounts are usually limited to our online store and our own retail store, and are not valid at other retailers.

Price changes

Sometimes initial prices of a product are an introductory price, and as we continue making a product and have to purchase new equipment or get a better idea of the labor involved, we have to raise the price. In some cases, our suppliers have raised prices of certain ingredients and we have to adjust accordingly. The natural ingredients we use are harvested all over the world and events such as extra rainy seasons, crop failures and shortages can affect our raw material prices significantly. Just like food prices, natural ingredient prices do not remain the same over time.

About the Store

Yes! We opened about three years ago in the community of Glassell Park, Los Angeles. Our tiny corner store is filled with natural products, both from our brand and from other brands. Our knowledgeable & friendly sales people can help you find everything you need.
Glassell Park is a small community in Los Angeles about 10-15 minutes from Downtown LA. It is nearby Dodger Stadium, Atwater Village, Silverlake and Highland Park. Glassell Park is named after Andrew Glassell, a real estate attorney in the 1800s. Several of the streets in the area are named after Andrew Glassell's children, and the elementary school across the street from our retail store used to be the family home. Glassell Park is now a haven for artists, designers and people in the film and fashion industries.

Sponsorships, donations and free samples

We are a small family business and have a limited budget for giveaways and sponsorships. Right now we are donating extra soaps and hygiene products to Recycled Resources and Showers of Hope in Highland Park, to give bi-weekly showers to the homeless in the area. We have had very nice feedback from several people using the soaps, especially those with skin conditions. Typically donated soaps are low quality dollar-store type stuff that is not helpful for people with skin conditions. We are happy to help these people with natural soaps and products that are non-irritating and luxurious, so they can take showers and be fresh and clean despite not having a permanent home.
Because we are a small handmade business, we don't price our products to accommodate free product requests. We believe in creating high-quality products that are worth paying for.
We do not have free samples, but on some items we have a "trial" or "mini" size if you're unsure if you'd like the bigger size. We also encourage customers to write reviews so other shoppers can make a better decision if shopping online.