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No Tox Life products are made by us - right here in Los Angeles. We also carry some other brands in our store by other local makers.
Handmade products means we can offer superior quality. Each formula is devised from scratch using the best-quality ingredients we can find. Sometimes this means the final product costs more than typical drugstore products. The advantage is our products are made with skin-nourishing ingredients and are made without "fillers" so each product will last a long time.
We are a small team of 4 full-time people (two owners, two employees) - read more about us here. We also hire part-time weekend sales people for farmers markets and craft fairs.
We are working to get a small selection of our products on Amazon. The reality about free shipping is shipping isn't "free". Companies that offer free shipping either demand a higher minimum so they can absorb the cost, or over-price a product to begin with, to account for shipping costs.
If you order $75 of product on our website we are currently offering free shipping on retail orders with the code FREESHIP75. This cost is absorbed by us with the higher order amount.
Sandee Ferman is the founder of No Tox Life. Her daughter Callie Milford is the co-founder. Read more about the founders here.
Yes, most products are available for wholesale to qualified retailers. Read more about wholesale here.
Our soaps are made using natural oils and butters, and premium essential oils. Each soap is carefully crafted to keep your skin moisturized as you wash. Our facial soaps are made using costly mango butter and shea butter. Our body soaps are made using 100% sustainable olive oil instead of palm oil. We don't use synthetic detergents in our soaps, so your skin won't be dried out and the bubbles will be smaller.
Yes! Our deodorant uses enzymes to help zap the bacteria that causes odor. Unlike aluminum deodorants, we believe you should sweat, but not stink. Read the deodorant reviews here to see real customer feedback.
No - we don't use any baking soda in it. We love baking soda for a lot of things (polishing the bathtub, getting stains out of clothes, even washing the dog!), but we don't think it has a place under the armpits. The problem is armpit skin is sensitive, and hair-removal such as shaving and waxing can create tiny cuts in the skin. Add into that an alkaline substance that is grainy, and you have a recipe for redness and irritation. Many of our customers have tried a deodorant with baking soda and developed essentially a "diaper rash" under the armpits. We think that the risks of using something like that are not worth it.
No, we do not have a guarantee. Each person has different skin, different sensitivities. We try to make all products safe for the majority of people, but please know your allergies and send us an email before ordering if you're concerned about using particular products.
Due to the nature of bath, beauty and skincare products, all sales are final. Non-skincare, beauty and food products such as candles and wooden soap decks may be returned within 30 days for a full refund of product cost, minus shipping fees, with proof of purchase. If the initial order included free shipping, the actual shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. The buyer pays return shipping fees, and must contact us to receive a return authorization. Live plants purchased in our retail store may not be returned. Any returned products must be in completely new, unused, and re-sellable condition.
Interestingly, all soap is made with lye. The lye is dissolved in water, which reacts with oils and butters to form a salt. Technically, soap is really a salt, made out of fatty acids (oils and butters), converted into soap by combining it with lye. All of the oils and butter come from 100% natural plants. Our soap is safely formulated so no remaining lye is left in the bar.
We can definitely help you out! Please take a photo of the damage to the outer box, and internal damage to its contents. Send us a message and we'll help you out. There may be a slight delay on refund or re-shipment for damages as we deal with the post office or UPS to resolve.
Each product we make is hand-made in small batches in our studio in Glassell Park. We oftentimes do a small test batch of a product to see how popular it is, before committing to making larger batches. Some products are never made beyond this test batch. Some products simply don't have the sales behind it for us to keep making it, or the cost of making it in materials and labor is more than customers are willing to pay. If you would like a large custom batch made of a product we no longer make, get in touch and we'll try to help you out.
Glassell Park is a small community in Los Angeles about 10-15 minutes from Downtown LA. It is nearby Dodger Stadium, Atwater Village, Silverlake and Highland Park. Glassell Park is named after Andrew Glassell, a real estate attorney in the 1800s who took payment for legal services in the form of land. He was granted the area now known as Glassell Park after a large case involving the Verdugo Family, who owned vast amounts of land in the area. Several of the streets in the area are named after Andrew Glassell's children, and the elementary school across the street from our retail store used to be the family home (that building is since demolished and a school was built).