Local Maker: Alexandra Perry's Pottery

Local Maker: Alexandra Perry's Pottery

Tucked in the back of Kinship Studios in Highland Park, is a beautiful outdoor pottery studio. Alexandra Perry is a ceramic potter that makes her one-of-kind creations right down the road from the No Tox Life store. Watching her work the wheel and the clay is mesmerizing and she makes it looks so easy. She hand-crafts Ceramic Mask Mixing Bowls for our facial clay masks (they double as an adorable ring tray!).

Before Alex started making pottery, she was taking glass blowing classes in school while pursuing her degree in Media and Production at California State University, Chico. Once she moved to LA, she began working and found it very hard to find the time and an affordable studio space to continue glass-blowing.

Hoping to find a creative outlet, Alex visited Bitter Root ceramic studio in West Hollywood. After one class, Alex was hooked. She said that "it was very similar to the spinning, hand skills and balance that was necessary as a glass blower so I caught on to the methods very quickly." She found herself at the studio almost 7 days a week!

About 9 months ago, Alex signed up for a class at Kinship Yoga but mistook the start time and accidentally missed the whole class! Instead, she ran into Abudu, the resident potter, at their newly created Kinship ceramic studio. She learned that Kinship has a work trade program, and made an agreement to put in hours at the studio front desk in exchange for time at the wheel.

"I've been addicted to it ever since."

In Alex's free time, she loves to go on local hikes with her dog Zoey. She also has delved into plant lore - she eats a plant-based diet and experiments with herbal remedies, and has even created a garden at home. Of course, living in Los Angeles, she is also involved with the film industry. She is currently working on a short that she is going to submit to festivals by the end of the month!

"I actually really enjoy constantly trying new things. I tend to not even know what I'm going to make until I'm in the moment with my hands on the clay."

Check out Alex's Instagram! And check out the pottery classes offered by Kinship Studios.
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