New refillable deodorant tubes

New refillable deodorant tubes

We are pleased to announce we have launched new refillable deodorant tubes.

No, they are not 100% plastic free. We tried paper tubes, and the paper gets soggy since we have a wet formula. Unlike some deodorants that are made of wax and oil, ours is wet. Wet ingredients and paper don't mix. 

So we do have to use a material that can hold up to our deodorant. It is less waste but not zero waste.  

These new tubes have a number of important changes vs our previous tubes.


You can use all the product inside.

Our previous tube had a puck in the bottom that would fall out as you got to the bottom. The puck contained around 16% of the product (by weight) inside the tube, but was unusable unless you wanted to scrape it out and use flaky bits of deodorant. 

deodorant puck

deo puck

deo puck

The photos above show the deodorant puck that would fall out at the bottom of the previous tubes, with the amount of wasted product in each one. 

Our new tubes have no plastic puck at the bottom, which means there is no wasted amount in the bottom of the tube. 

The tube price is the same, and refills are cheaper

Our new deodorant tubes are refillable and therefore have more complicated components. Due to this, our manufacturing price per tube is higher than before. Our new tube does hold roughly16% less product than before, but since 16% of the previous tube was unusable (unless you wanted to scrape it out), it is nearly the same amount of usable product. We have kept the main tube price the same despite an increased manufacturing cost with our new packaging. 

Our new refill capsules are significantly cheaper than a tube price, so you will save a lot on refilling these tubes. Shop refills here. 

How to refill these tubes:

The simple instructions on refilling are: RECYCLE, REFILL, CLICK, TWIST. Detailed instructions below:


To remove the capsule that's in there - turn counter-clockwise and lift it out. Don't forget to recycle it once you clean out any deodorant residue inside. 

operate tube


Place the new capsule inside the outer tube.



Press down and turn it clockwise until it clicks. Once it clicks, it is locked into place.

push down and turn


Remove the inner cap lid and twist the tube upwards from the bottom (counter-clockwise). The deodorant will rise up as you twist it. 


Shop our whole range of deodorant and refills here. 


More nerdy details regarding the tube materials

Our previous tube was made of softer plastic and the bottom components would sometimes break in the mail or when dropped. Our new tube is made of more sturdy material so it will last longer and you'll see a lot less breakage. 

The new outer tube packaging is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a hard plastic material used to make things like electronics, auto body parts, helmets and more. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is readily recyclable in most regions. 

The outer tube can be re-used by inserting a new refill capsule. ABS is a very sturdy type of plastic which can withstand drops better unlike our previous packaging. 

The ABS we chose is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, which means it was in use in the world and was recycled and is now re-used. 

refill deodorant no tox life
abs tube

The inner refill capsule is made of PP (Polypropylene) also known as number 5 plastic. Polypropylene is a softer type of plastic that is used to make yogurt cups, certain beverage containers that have a cloudy finish, medicine bottles, ketchup bottles and straws.

The material is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Polypropylene is considered safer than other plastics because it does not contain 
bisphenol A. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to make rigid plastics flexible. For example with water bottles, the plastics used originally are not flexible, but then ingredients like bisphenol A are added and then it can squeeze and crinkle. Bisphenol A (BPA) is considered problematic because it can mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt hormones. Definitely good to avoid packaging with BPA!

Polypropylene used in our capsules is also readily recyclable. The refill capsule should be cleaned out of product when you are done, and recycled. 

refill deodorant

Making the switch

deodorant no tox life
Ready to make the switch? Shop our refillable deodorant here

If you have a retail store or grocery store, we offer wholesale and have online customers we'd love to send your way. Sign up here for wholesale.  

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I’ve used the block for about 3 years, and my last purchase was for the refillable tube, plus one refill. It’s much easier to use!
I read your instructions, but I am curious as to where I can recycle polypropylene when it is not marked as PP or #5 ?
NO TOX LIFE replied:
On #5 plastic. It is readily recyclable in the US. The recycling companies use optical scanners that detect the different types of plastic. See video here:

And blog here:

Because of those scanners it doesn’t need to be labeled with a 5 on it to be accurately detected and recycled. As long as it’s clean it should be good to go.

Lynn du Celliee Muller

Yay! I am going to need to replenish my Earl Grey deodorant soon and am going to go back to these tubes, the new ones. I am using the block right now, which is fine, but this innovation should be tried. Thank you!! Best products ever.

Elizabeth M Lyons

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