No Tox Life Products in New Cashierless Store in San Francisco

No Tox Life Products in New Cashierless Store in San Francisco

Standard Cognition is a tech startup with over $51 million in funding, aiming to revolutionize retail by removing cashiers from stores. Their technology tracks items you pick up in store and charges your card via an app before you leave. There is also an option to pay with cash at kiosks. 

Unlike Amazon Go stores, Standard Cognition does not track your biometric data (biometric data can include: face, fingerprints, voice, DNA), so you can hope to preserve some sense of anonymity when buying a bag of chips.

Their first store to open is in San Francisco, it's named Standard Store. Located at 1071 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103. In the first week of opening, expect lines to get in and experience the AI-powered store.

You will currently find our No Tox Botanicals candles there (unless they are already sold out! 😜). If you want to see more of our products there, send feedback to Standard Cognition about what you'd like to shop!  

Check out the New York Times article about stealing from this store and how they are dealing with that aspect of the budding technology: read here.

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