No Tox Life's New Retail Store!

No Tox Life's New Retail Store!

This year, we spent months looking for a production warehouse to move into. Not too big, not too small, central for our customers and our employees, decent neighborhood, easy parking, room for expansion, affordable. We had completely outgrown our original workspace about a year earlier, but it was beginning to reach ridiculous proportions. To describe it bluntly, we couldn't walk around without bumping into each other or moving racks full of supplies or products. It was time to move! Two months ago, we stumbled upon the perfect warehouse in Glassell Park, near Silverlake - and it happened to include a small, separate building on-site for a retail store. We've been working the last several weeks on store renovations, including building our own shelving, painting, sewing curtains, installing plumbing... the list of work seemed to multiply overnight. 

Our retail store is finally complete, and we are very happy to announce that we are open for business! Our new address is 3351 Fletcher Drive, Glassell Park, CA 90065. Our store hours are M-F 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, as well as most Sundays (check social media weekly for updates).

We are about 15-20 minutes from both the Downtown LA and Hollywood areas, and only a couple minutes from Los Feliz, Atwater Village and Silverlake. It has been our dream since we started this business to have our very own retail store. Thank you for supporting us and helping our handmade business grow! To celebrate, we are serving up Mexican Spiced hot chocolate lattes all week, plus 20% off our products in-store through Sunday, Dec 4th, and free gifts with every purchase.

In addition to the full line of No Tox Life products, we are also carrying handmade goods from some of our favorite makers. We have a wide variety of local goods including: accessories, artisanal almonds, juice pulp baking mixes, gemstone and crystal jewelry, velvet chokers, rope tote bags, turkish towels, natural perfumes and colognes, aromatherapy pillows, wall weavings, rustic pottery and more. We would love to have you come check everything out!

What's coming next - we are beginning renovations on our warehouse and production facility next door, and will be opening the space to the public at the end of January for workshops, events, maker nights and soap factory tours!

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