Stephanie Simbari & Elizabeth Kott Appreciation Post

Stephanie Simbari & Elizabeth Kott Appreciation Post

Way back in the day, we used to make our products in founder Sandee's kitchen, then Sandee and Callie would head to the farmers market each Sunday to sell them in person. It was a great learning experience and we learned so much from selling in person to people! Some of our best products came from direct customer feedback. 

Stephanie was one of our OG customers. She was obsessed with our deodorant, and that obsession turned into her inviting Sandee on her newly created podcast with Elizabeth Kott. The show is called Thats So Retrograde. 

thats so retrograde

It was a blast, and with some fortuitous turn of fate, the episode debuted on Apple Podcasts at the same time that the Thats So Retrograde podcast went viral and hit number 1 on iTunes/ Apple Podcasts. 

For years after this episode, we had ladies (mostly ladies, a few men) who listened to that podcast come and find us at farmers markets and events. One time in San Francisco, we even had someone with pink hair dyed exactly like Stephanie come up to our booth and she was very pleased to find us there, she had been waiting a year to try our products after listening to the episode! 

So this is just an appreciation post for Stephanie and Elizabeth!. We love you! 

If you haven't heard the podcast, definitely check it out. Here is Sandee's episode.
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