Winter Storm Impacting our Austin Facility đŸ„¶

Winter Storm Impacting our Austin Facility đŸ„¶

UPDATE Feb 22nd (Monday) our staff are back to work and we have caught up shipping all e-commerce orders - wholesale orders will be caught up by the end of this week. 

Our Austin manufacturing and distribution facility is impacted this week by a heavy winter storm creating dangerously freezing conditions, power blackouts and treacherous ice on the roads.

It is too dangerous to drive on the roads right now due to invisible black ice, many of our staff have lost power and heat at home intermittently and pipes are freezing so there is no water or working toilets in some areas. Internet and cell service are down in many areas. Delivery and trucking services are not operating. We will likely be closed the rest of the week as we await safer conditions to bring our staff back to work. 
snow day Austin
(photo from one of our employee's balconies where they are making snow pyramids while sheltering at home)

We apologize for the shipping delays this will cause. Please expect around 2 weeks of delays for any orders placed from mid to end of last week through at least this week.
wind chill

The wind chill is expected to make the temperature feel like 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. (-10Âș)

We predict that once delivery companies open up again there will be a huge backlog of orders to process that are stuck in distribution centers, further delaying any shipments from or passing through this region. 

snow and ice

The roads are covered with snow and ice, the area does not typically get snow so salt for roads and snowplows are not readily available. 

If you need to find a local store that carries us instead, check out this Instagram post:

You can also email or text us with your city so we can tell you the nearest store who has ordered recently so you can pick up locally instead of waiting for shipping online.

If you do order from us online, we have free shipping for e-commerce orders above $49 in the USA. Our USA + International and Canada wholesale sites are still open to shop for wholesale customers as well. 

We will process your orders as soon as our staff are safely back to work and we'll be keeping everyone updated periodically via social media.
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