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Kumquat Sage & Ginger Spritzer for the Summer

Summer is here and it's time for refreshing drinks for hot days. We decided to make a little spritzer inspired by our Fresh Kumquat + Mango body bar. This recipe could be made alcoholic or just with kombucha or juice for a sparkling refreshment. Ingredients:
  • Fresh kumquats
  • Fresh ginger
  • Local sage
  • Sparkling mineral water
  • (optional) Kombucha or juice
  • (optional) white wine
Kumquats are these delicious little fruits native to Asia, which can be found all over Southern California. They grow on kumquat trees (shrubs), which usually have a very heavy harvest of fruit. Kumquats, unlike other citrus fruits, are best eaten whole. The rind is sweet, and the inside is sour, making the combination of sweet/sour extremely refreshing and delicious. Don't worry about seeds, they are tiny and go down easy. You can find kumquats in season at local farmers markets and probably in your neighbors backyard! Ginger is one of those miracle foods that has so many great benefits. It is well-known to help with internal inflammation and stomach upsets. In our spritzer, it gives a light zesty flavor to lift the kumquats' sweetness. Sage is a sister plant to rosemary, and is reported to have a host of benefits when ingested - memory and concentration boosting, helps with inflammation, calms the stomach, improves the immune system and even strengthens bones (it has vitamin K, a rare but essential vitamin for bone health). We love the taste of sage, and the herbal, calming aroma. We added Purple Sage, Salvia leucophylla, a plant local to Southern California and Mexico coastlines. This flowering sage has beautiful violet flowers and smells divine. Kombucha is also well-known for its gut health benefits. Made with fermented tea, it is rich in beneficial bacteria to boost your digestive health. If you want to make your own kombucha, we have an upcoming workshop with Health-Ade kombucha to teach you. Or pick up some organic kombucha from your local health food store. Make this spritzer with white wine, kombucha, or mineral water (or any combination of the above). Thinly slice the kumquats, ginger and sage. Combine in a pretty glass, and enjoy! Cheers to summer and fancy drinks + fancy soaps!