8 Stores to Shop Small At

8 Stores to Shop Small At

We are a big fan of supporting small business. 

We are a small business ourselves and grew from making products in the founders kitchen and selling at farmers markets, to having over 14,000 square feet of manufacturing space (with solar power) that we operate to make our products in North America. 


So when we say that this year has been a tough one for small businesses, we aren't kidding! If you have any budget for holiday gifts this year, we encourage you to shop small. 

Of course you will want to support us. 😃 

However, keep your eyes peeled (and peep our mini guide below) for more small businesses to spend your dollars at who are part of our community and are not giant conglomerates. 

Nobody on this list is buying a mega yacht. 🛳️

Without further ado here are 8 stores we love to shop small with:


📍 Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Boston General Store ⤵️

Boston General Store is a women-owned business with a focus on finding makers who share their passion for the long-lasting and the well-made. Founder April was inspired by her grandmother's love of quality goods to open the store. 

boston general store

📍 Denver, Colorado, USA - Dante Perozzi Jewelry ⤵️

Dante Perozzi Jewelry is handcrafted with love (and seven fingers) by founder Dante. Sculptural demi-fine & fine jewelry made in USA with recycled metals and zero waste practices. 

If you are tired of fast-fashion jewelry that's made just to capitalize on the trends then quickly breaks, make the jump to these lovingly handcrafted pieces made to endure and last a lifetime.

Dante once taught a jewelry making workshop at our own store which was so much fun to attend.

From the jewelry workshop class - these pieces were made using the lost wax technique, where you sculpt your design in wax. The finished wax is encased in a durable material that hardens around the wax creating a mold. This temporary mold can withstand the high temperatures needed to melt the wax away in order to create a space to pour in the gold, silver or brass metal. After breaking away the mold material, the end result is a highly detailed metal replica of the original wax creation:

📍 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Luna Collective ⤵️

Luna Collective supports over 100 independent artists and makers in their store. Items are chosen with intention and purpose. As a woman and queer-owned business, owner Eryn is proud to make a living supporting makers with similar values. 


 📍 Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada - Unmediocre Store ⤵️

Consume less, but better. Unmediocre Store owner Julie Veres has gathered a curated selection of more sustainable products to level up your home and lifestyle. 


📍 Petaluma, California, USA - Estuary ⤵️

Estuary is the brainchild of April and her sister Gabi. They focus on offerings for a peaceful, sustainable home. Not just beautifully designed, but better for the environment. They emphasize fair trade and locally sourced whenever possible. 


 📍 Vancouver, Washington, USA - Kindred Homestead Supply ⤵️

Kindred Homestead Supply is a women-owned, low-waste, bulk refillery for home + personal care located in Vancouver, WA. We'll meet you wherever you are in your low-waste journey and help you succeed! Join our community at a workshop, free swap, or First Friday. All are welcome, come as you are.

 📍 Santa Cruz, California, USA - Ethos ⤵️

Ethos Santa Cruz is a certified B corporation (stands for Benefit Corporation) which means they have undergone a rigorous certification and are held to a higher standard as a company, proving that they make decisions as a business to benefit all people, not just benefit a few. They offer low waste products hand-chosen for a less impact lifestyle. 


📍Bend, Oregon, USA - Free the Ocean ⤵️

Free the Ocean is working to remove plastic from the oceans. Watch one of these documentaries about plastic pollution to learn more about the problem they are working to manage. 

For every product purchased, they remove 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean. 

Thank you for supporting small businesses this season!

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