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Underarm Detox Bar
Underarm Detox Bar
Underarm detox bar to transition to a natural deodorant. No Tox Life.
No Tox Life underarm detox bar to transition from aluminum antiperspirants to natural deodorant.

Underarm Detox Bar

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Detox those pits.

Switching from an aluminum antiperspirant and want to clean out your underarm pores? This soap bar will gently exfoliate and help you transition from aluminum-based antiperspirants to a natural deodorant.

Use it for the first few weeks when you're switching, to help you get to the confident "yes, my natural deodorant works!" state.

Organic fair-trade shea butter for softness and soothing.

Each bar will be slightly different in shape and size due to the 100% handmade nature of this product. Mini size is 0.9 oz, Full size is 3.5 oz net weight.

How to use: Wet bar. Lather in armpits. Wait about a minute. Rinse thoroughly. Dry armpits before applying deodorant. 

Ingredients: Sodium shea butterate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, loofah, clay, activated charcoal

Packaging: Paper box that can be easily recycled.

fragrance-free | palm-free | detergent-free | gently exfoliates | vegan

Customer Reviews

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Underarm Detox

I switched over to a natural deodorant over the summer and started feeling more sweaty and sometimes stinky. After reading a few articles and blogs I realized that after years and years of using aluminum and chemical filled deodorant with antiperspirant my body was having a hard time adjusting. I read about detoxing your underarms to adjust and remove chemicals so that the natural deodorant will work better and so I decided to buy this product. So far I'm really liking how smooth my underarms feel after using this product but I am still feeling stinky at times with the deodorant. I am still adjusting but I really like this product! I recommend people try this out first when starting to transition to natural deodorant so that it is a positive transition. Natural deodorant is very different from other deodorants so it won't work exactly the same.

Awesome, no more deodorant needed!

I have been using it for a couple weeks, in the evening before I shower and I don’t even need to use deodorant anymore! Very happy!

Must Have

The answer to all your underarm woes when transitioning to a natural deodorant

Love this bar!!!

I'm pretty much detoxed so I actually discovered a excellent reason to have this bar. I've gone fancy & started getting my underarms waxed. They recommended me use an a scrub of sorts to prevent ingrown hairs. Hello little bits of loofah!!!!! Works awesome!!!!

Mixed Feelings

At first, I hated this bar. I'm not a fan of the smell although it's very light. The first time I used it, the bits in the bar cut my armpit! That was embarrassing. This soap actually irritates my armpits while my new natural deodorant does not. Go figure.

In the spirit of not wasting, I decided to try it on some less sensitive skin. I rubbed some soap in a wash cloth and used it to exfoliate my legs. Still made my legs itch. I shaved them immediately after. WOWWWWW. IT IS AMAZING. I shaved the day before a weekend vacation and 4 days later, my legs still feel freshly shaved. My husband even commented on it. This is a big deal considering I'm pregnant and my leg hair normally resembles a yeti. I've tried this routine with other soaps many times with nothing similar happening. I don't know why it works but I'm happy with it.