LA Brick and Mortar Temporarily Closed

LA Brick and Mortar Temporarily Closed

Our Los Angeles brick and mortar location is temporarily closed. 

How to order:

We are still manufacturing and still shipping products online. As an essential business manufacturing home cleaning, bath and body care products, our online website and wholesale business will remain open. Shop online here. 

LA brick and mortar re-opening date:

We are awaiting further guidance from public health officials regarding when it will be safe to open for walk-ins again. 

How can I support?

Continue to shop with us online - and support the small businesses we sell to, many of whom are opening up online sales to help them weather this. Post your product pics on instagram! Gift a friend something nice! 

But I purchased a store gift card and I want to use it online!

No problem, send us a quick email to and share the name and email associated with the gift card purchase. We will convert it to an online gift card for you and email you a new code. The store and online use two different systems which is why we only usually sell in-store gift cards (it's kinda confusing!). 

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to re-opening our retail location again as soon as possible. 💚

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