Personal-trainer approved deodorant

Personal-trainer approved deodorant

No Tox Life deodorant products now in the gym shop at Rift Fitness! 

Our deodorant is personal trainer approved! 💪🏽

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This independent gym with two locations wanted to provide their customers with an effective deodorant that can withstand sweat and funk while working out. Our deodorant made the cut. They now carry our deodorant along with a couple other products.

Their staff tried out the deodorant and liked it, and they now have regulars using it too. 


Customer review:

This is literally it, IT!!! I’m one of those people who sweat for no reason, I’m almost one of those people whose BO is very very very strong. All the deodorants in the world didn’t work, I’m telling you, NONE. But this one here??? THIS ONNEEE?!? It works, it really does. I’m so happy. Not only does it work INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLE but it smells so great, it feels great, it doesn’t stain my clothes great, and is great.

evolve fitness

Here is what is available:

No Tox Life SOLIDSILK™ refillable deodorant (Earl Grey, Pure Aloe, Desert Rose + Citrus scents)

No Tox Life Underarm Detox Bar 

No Tox Life EUCALYPTUS STEAM® shower vapors mini jar

Next: they will be carrying the refills of our refillable deodorant, which are significantly cheaper than the initial tube purchase. 
evolve fitness

Rift Fitness is run by a group of dedicated people whose mission is to empower people with movement, mindset, nutrition, knowledge, and mentorship so that they can reclaim and enhance their health and wellness. They provide personal training as well as group training sessions, with a team of highly experienced professionals. 

evolve fitness

Check out their locations in Florida if you are near them and shop locally instead of shopping online. Yes, our deodorant works even in the sweaty humid heat of Florida. 

evolve fitness

Visit the main gym:
Rift Fitness Group - Personal Training Gym
1280 Court St, Clearwater, FL 33756
See Google Maps for hours and phone
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